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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Dr Eng X, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. quite honestly, i don't see this as meaning CIC will stop issuing approvals for the year. There are many applicants reporting receiving COPR this week, so my guess is this is just a target # they want to hit for goal purposes, and it doesn't mean once they hit that number they will stop until the following year. These goals were released in nov 2013, and there is no mention of anything being suspended because they reached their "goal". i would think if that was normal practice to stop processing past a certain number, CIC would be in pretty hot water. Again, people seem to still be getting approved daily.
  2. I really hope you are right......
  3. I have to agree with RhCohen - I understood the information on that link as being statistics and goals, not necessarily limits for 2014. I would believe that if they did have a CAP on how many spousal applications they can approve per year this would be mentioned somewhere.
  4. Finally, received PPR today! Hurraaaaay!
    Thank you all for your prayers.
  5. Congratulations! Twin bro/sister!
    July 20
  6. Hi guys,

    I dont know if this is the right place to ask my question but still will give it a try.

    My file is processed outland in New Delhi office and just yesterday I received passport request from New Delhi VO.

    Now since I am living in Canada on work permit, they have given me option to submit my passport to Ottawa CPC.

    I have a trip out of Canada set up for November 15 departure and I am concerned if or not my passport will be returned with visa stamp from Ottawa until November 15???

    Does anyone here knows how long would Ottawa CPC take to stamp a PR visa and return the passport????

    Please guys I need some help here.

    Many thanks
  7. Wow - this is a new development. In the past they've required people send the passport to NDVO, which is difficult because of the restrictions about sending passports into and out of India (no such restrictions exist in Canada).

    Four weeks is not much time; assuming ND has actually approved your application it is enough, but you should include copies of your travel documents showing that you need to receive your passport back by the given date. I'd also include an express post (from Canada Post) return envelope in order to expedite its return to you.

    Include a cover letter stating this information: you are enclosing your passport as per NDVO's reques, that you have a pre-planned trip for 15 November and require your passport back prior to that time, and that you have enclosed a return express post envelope for it's hasty return.

    Then send it and hope that CPC-O smiles upon you and sends it back in time.

    Otherwise, wait until you return to submit your passport.

  8. @ computergeek

    thanks for your reply....i was thinking that this thread is frozen

    yeah it is a new development that outland applicants are allowed to submit passports at Ottawa.....u r right sending passports by mail internationally is not allowed...thank god they considered that i m based in Canada

    i have already sent the passport today and included a letter of appeal and attached my airticket along with it.....

    to make sure someone gets the urgent note, i have mentioned URGENT- TRAVEL PROOF INCLUDED on the envelope outside by a marker to grab someone's attention....i was afraid that it wud just sit on their desk without anyone opening the envelope to see my airticket so i jz mentioned it on the envelope outside srea

    my ecas status has changed to Decision Made....jz hoping for expedited processing of passport now

    i got a hold of few ppl who applied under CEC AND FSW and they said current time is about 2 weeks for passport to return....i dont kno if it wud b different for me since my application was outland and getting stamped Ottawa
  9. I know after SA, we need to wait patiently and leave it to CIC. But just want to check in to see if anyone with a similar timeline has gotten any updates.
    Doc Request: submitted around July 24, 2014
    I've requested two GCMS notes, the one I requested at the end of Aug showed that they've received my updated docs.
    It says that the principle applicant's eligibility assessment is still in review, background and security assessment have not started yet.
    It's been quite some time since the doc request. Is this normal?
    Anyone updated their docs around the same time got any updates?
    The docs they requested are proof of funds and residency...
  10. yes, this is normal. CIC will not send notifications or updates about whether they received documents. also, background and security checks are reported to be the LAST step before approval is confirmed. considering your application was received in July, and June applicants JUST started seeing approval, I'd say you still have some time before you hear anything.
  11. so i was so excited when i saw an envelop from the PRC processing center in my mailbox, only to open it up and get a letter saying they have "determined my height may be incorrect", and i need to submit my height in order to process my card. lol Well, i'm pretty sure i put my height in inches, not cm when i wrote it down, so yeah, i guess they are right. :)
  12. That's funny. :)

  13. Do you mean that my application was put into the July pile instead of the April pile since they requested some docs? :eek: :eek: :eek:
    How long does background and sec checks take? We really hope to land before 2015..
  14. no, i didn't say that. i mistakenly thought you sent in your application in july. if you submittd your application in april, and they asked for more information, then *sometimes* CIC will wait until the due date of that request to continue processing your file, and if you check the ottawa spreadsheet you can see what the "trend" is for how long people wait after they receive requests. since i am not an immigration officer i can't talk specifics for "how long" security and background checks take or how long it's going to take to process your file. it's dependant on many factors including, the applicant, the completeness of the file, the officer handling the file as well as how quickly the information is received from whereever the information is requested.
  15. We submitted our docs around April 7 originally and then received an email that I forgot my Option 'C' and that I should submit within 45 days. At the time when I submitted the docs (2 weeks later after receiving from CRA), I sent the docs next day delivery and they took exactly 56 days after receiving the missing docs to process our SA approval. In essence we went back to the beginning of the pile. I had also called into CIC and was told that the wait begins again. When we originally submitted our docs in April it was 27 days... to SA approval.

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