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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Dr Eng X, Sep 16, 2012.

  1. Actually, Rainbow Bridge does have a Nexus lane :) But it doesn't do much good if you're still sitting in traffic just to GET to it :p

    Indeed :) Yeah, the immigration person told my wife that exact same thing...that she has everything she needs now to apply for the SIN, so hopefully I won't get some wet-behind-the-ears rookie at the SC office.
  2. My husband sponsored me and the status is

    Decision made on Sponsorship Application Status. The details are:

    1)We received your application to sponsor (Applicant Name) on January 10, 2012.
    2) We sent you a letter on February 28, 2012 about the decision on your application. Please consider delays in mail delivery before contacting us.

    And under Permanent Application Status is:
    1) We received (Applicant name) application for permanent residence on January 10, 2012.

    And my Husband received original educational documents from case processing pilot Ottawa on August 13, 2013

    can anybody please tell me what is the next step after this. Thank you
  3. You've waited 20 months for an Outland sponsored application? That's ridiculous.

    I'm not sure what you mean about "original educational documents". That's not something that is part of a "normal" application.

    At this point you are far beyond published times. Your application timing was atrocious because of course you got caught in the "buffalo shuffle" where they closed the Buffalo office and then transferred everything to Ottawa. My spouse sponsored me in March 2012 and I landed in October 2012. While we went quickly (for unusual reasons) there shouldn't be people from January 2012 still waiting.

    Has your husband contacted the MP for your riding? If not, I'd strongly suggest doing so. Also, you should order your electronic case notes via the CIC website (search for "privacy act"). Those notes will give you some idea of what has happened thus far with your application.

    You are now at a point where I usually tell people they can bring legal action - an application for Mandamus - because the Court can order CIC to move forward in egregious cases. They are tolerant, but not that tolerant.

    Good luck!
  4. You are updated. :)
  5. Can someone please add us to the spreadsheet -

    Application Submitted: April 3, 2013
    Application Received: April 5, 2013
    Sponsorship Approval: April 25, 2013
    Medical Results Received: October 21, 2013
  6. I guess one of the good things about landing at Pearson Airport was that after my wife officially landed, the officer told her to go take her copy of her COPR to the next booth to get a SIN number. So she applied for her SIN number right there also (took 5 minutes) and got a print out with her number on it. She just got her card today in the mail.
  7. Passport request

    this is what my wife get on 14-August-2013

    can someone tell me what its mean? why they didnt ask for the passport?
    We paid the fee, and send all documents requested, september , 06-2013
    i call CIC, and they confirme me that they receive the paiement,
    till now no news from cic

    This refers to your application for permanent residence in Canada. To continue the treatment, we need the following documents:

    Ø RPRF Family reunification: Ask your sponsor to pay the Right of Permanent Residence $ 490. These documents must reach this office not later than: 10/14/2013

    Ø Residence dir: Evidence that the respondent lives in Canada. This includes but is not limited to: last 2 pay stubs and two recent utility bills (telephone, electricity). Driver's license, property tax, no ass of social cards assessment / disease are not sufficient. These documents must reach this office not later than: 10/14/2013

    I suggest if you want to speed up the process of sending me these documents by email to avoid postal delays. Please just ask scan documents and attach them as attachments by replying to my email attachments.
  8. Re: Passport request

    They seem to doubt that the sponsor is in Canada. Assuming the sponsor is a PR (I've seen them ask for this from non-resident citizens before by mistake) the reason they didn't issue PPR is because the officer isn't willing to approve the file without that evidence.
  9. i live in canada since 2005,
    i do put a letter from my companie, my telephone bills, my paid stub, my visa statement, my driver licence, my income declaration etcc... since september, 06 2013, what he waiting now to ask her send the passport
  10. Oh if you just submitted the information in September I wouldn't expect them to look at it until next month. Then if everything is in order they will send out a PPR.
  11. Hello All

    I understand that some applicants have received an interview from LA prior to PPR. Can you guys please fill me in some details of that interview, like questions, the general mood of the interview atmosphere etc. I have an interview with LA in January and I'm "freaking out" lol I trust all will go well for me when the time comes but I just thought I should ask. Plus what would be some reasons for the interview? Thanks
  12. Hi - while some with more recent experiences chime in, the following from the US Outland applicant's thread (http://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/us-outland-applicants-thread-t106068.0.html) may help:

    Generally speaking, interviews are requested either when they have a specific area they want to explore further (e.g., genuineness of your relationship) or for quality control purposes (a certain number of random interviews to test program integrity). Your GCMS notes should tell you the trigger and help you prepare to ensure you take the best documents/proof. You should have plenty of time to receive them before January (they take about 30 days in typical cases) and can order them online now too at https://atip-aiprp.apps.gc.ca/atip/welcome.do
  13. Oh thank you so much Ohcanadiana! You have been such a great help. I will do as you suggested and will continue to update the forum on my progress:)
  14. Dear Members,

    Does anyone sent Passport to CPP-Ottawa in October 2013 from USA? We sent our passport on 23rd October 2013 from USA to Ottawa..

    Pl update if any one sent in that time frame.. I am guessing it would take 3-4 weeks..to get Passport back.. am I right?

    Thank you!
  15. Hello All,

    I'm trying to fill out the form for GCMS/atip online however I'm not sure which is which with regards to the access to information act or privacy act? Which one should I choose? Also if my wife have been approved in sponsor and LA has my file, do I select permanent residence file or sponsorship as the info I'm requesting? Please and thank you.

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