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Cost of Living Comparison - USA vs Canada

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by canada_dream100, Oct 5, 2011.

  1. Guys... I am living in Quincy, MA, USA and may move to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

    I have tried a lot on internet but not able to find a site where I could compare "Cost of living" for these two places?

    All sites are providing option to compare cities with in USA.

    Can someone help to share site where I can compare "cost of living" for these two places?

    If I am getting 100k in Quincy, MA, USA; then how much I should earn/expect to have similar living standard in Montreal, Quebec, Canada?

    I would appreciate your guidance.....
  2. I am not sure about the comparison.

    Here are 2 pointers

    1. Canada is slightly expensive than USA...but depends on from which state you come from and which province you land.

    2. The standard of life depends on individuals - solely by individuals.
  3. I have lived in Maryland and now live in Ontario...for me I feel Ontario living is expensive than Maryland.
  4. BTW guys, how much is average Water/Electricity/High Speed Internet costs in Canada.
  5. I am living in Massachusetts state, it's tooo costly + high taxes.
    I believe all over average Canada is cheaper than USA.
    keep in mind you don't have to pay extra dollars for medical etc inssurance.
    I am paying extra $375 for medical inssurance every month.
    Federal + MA state tax : $450
    My monthly rent : $1799 for 2bed 2bath.
    Home rent inssurance : $15 / month (law in massachusetts state that home inssurance must have to pay by us who rent apartment)
    yearly rental property tax : $200
    Ellectricity + GAS : winter time bill / month $250 - $275 (in summer avg $70 ).
    Internet + TV + Phone provider Comcast : $150 / month with one indian channled ZEE TV.
    Car loan : $350 / month
    Car inssurance : $130/month for 2 drivers.
    Grocery, car Petrol , Food : minimum $800 / month for 3people.

    What we pay extra --> first medical inssurance, high rent, high state taxes, costly food , grocery, extra home rental inssurance, yearly rental tax these are the extra amount that we have to pay.

    In canada you have to pay high tax but no medical inssurance, no rental inssurance or rental annual property tax, even food is also affordable cost in Canada.
    So I believe canada is the affordable than USA.

  6. 3. Canada isn't on the verge of defaulting on its debt. Could be a future consideration ;)

  7. laxmikanthms : thank you for replying... I was thinking this post would die without reply... thanks again... I believe, Cost of living in Maryland is similar to NJ; I have lived in NJ for couple of years....
    as you shared ON is costlier comparatively... any clue how much... 5-10% ; 10-15% ; 15-20% ?

    I believe ON sales tax is around 9 or 13 % compare to most of USA East Cost states (approx 7%)... ?

    One more thing, if you have kid & your kid goes to school.... how is school env. in Canada comparatively... I feel teachers takes care a lot & are very nice here.... any clue if similar env. is in where you are living?
  9. can you please share your experience on following also?

    Experience in Canada

    I was with my friend in Mississauga and I was surprised to see the difference between USA & Canada.... I felt I am in Indian city, whether its behavior of people, shopping centers or people around residence area.

    In last 7 years in USA, I have seen mixed population but seems in Canada people are staying in non-fragmentation way. I guess, just guess, that every community is limited to specific areas.... I hope that not to be true, because in USA mixed population is lot helpful, and one get chance to learn positive of every community....
  10. Let me give a simple comparison

    1Bedroom Apt in Baltimore, MD - 1025$ - Here in Toronto I am paying 1530$ - Both all inclusive

    Car Financing - Nissan Maxima - 425$ per month in MD - Here Honda CR-V 600$ per month

    Car Insurance - 85$ - 188$ here in Toronto

    Cable/Internet/Homephone - 125$ Comcast - 180$ Rogers

    Mobile Phone - Almost same and similar plan I have - There AT&T and here Rogers.

    Tax are slightly higher in Ontario but at the same time they have benefits for child under the name CCTB - so the net I see almost same ..maybe a little higher here in Ontario

    Public Transport not so good in Baltimore but here in Toronto its good - so if you stay in Downtown and work in downtown you can cut on the car b........but the end of the day car is essential if you are with family.

    Regarding school-No idea....my kid is going to join next year only.

    Hope it helps....let me know if you need any specific pointer.
  11. Yes you are wrong. It varies on the province, type/manufacture of vehicle, purpose of driving and no claims letter from a foreign auto insurance company
  12. my cell phone is $80 extra..

  13. Try this site:

  14. Wow! Excelent info :eek: +1

  15. It depends on your location in Canada. Toronto and Montreal are the most expensive places to live. But you can choose Calgary or Edmonton. BC is also a good option

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