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Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by lapula, Apr 20, 2011.

  1. Thank you Fox for getting back to me, It really means a lot to me.

  2. thank you so much , i already paid it few days ago ,hope VO call him soon , i do wish to spend christmas with him
  3. lily, did you send off a copy to CIC, Ottawa Pilot office? They will need a copy to confirm the fees were paid. Make sure you send it away asap...
  4. they asked me to send it to CPC-Mississauga (Permanent Residence Fee Payment) only
  5. Okay, just wanted to make sure you sent them a copy to prove it was paid. It's almost over. Hopefully he will get the passport request this month.
  6. Hi Lilyy00,

    I'm just wondering how did you pay the RPRF fee. How did you get the form and where did you send it exactly?
    I would really appreciate this information friend. Thanks you so much!! ;)

    Allah bless us all, and may he bring our husbands and wives to us so soon, ISA!!
    Take care all!!
  7. hi mish29,

    i am sponsoring my husband so they sent him email few days ago from ottawa pilot office stating that i must pay RPRF in order to complete processing his application , they explained how to pay it just you have to go to their site ( immigration) then choose ( i need to ) pay application fees on the right side of the page , you will choose right for permanent residence fees which cost 490 $ then pay by your credit card , after payment you will print a receipt which you will find there after payment or in your email ( as you will need to log in before) , print two copies of it keep one for yourself as a record & the second one will be sent to the address given in the email ( in my case it was CPC-Mississauga ) that's it :)
  8. Wow sheila your keeping records on spreadsheet.. i just saw it,, well i think thats a nice idea, its easier to see how everyone's process is going.

    By the way does anyone know who will be contacted for the visa fee, they told me my husband will be contacted when it is time, but in the begining the letter I received from the Mississauga processing case office stated they will send me a letter concerning the visa fee.. soo i always check my post.. but now I am not sure.
  9. Amattullah, Mish says they sent her husband (in Egypt) an email so I'm guessing they will send the request to the applicant so ask him to keep an eye on his email and especially his junk email.
  10. The strangest thing has happened, when I checked the cairo site to see how long to process the applications it had been changed to 14 months for October 2011, now it's changed back to July,26 and says 12 months again but that's ok lol.
  11. thxx.. insha allaah we will keep an eye on the email and the post whichever they might send to...
  12. Hi guys

    Just thought I would send a quick post to let you know my husband made it safely to Canada. He landed Friday at 2:50 pm and met me at around 3:30 pm, so they worked fast in immigration and he said they were very nice.

    It's so great to finally have him home.

    I wish you guys all the luck in getting your guys and gals home with you.
  13. So.......like West Lorne or Rodney? LOL! I live in London. We should get together. Today is D-day for you. I am so excited!!!!!!! You have to let me know what happened!
  14. guys it has been more than a month & half since my ecas changed to medicals received , does it take that long ???? longer ???? i am really so fed up
  15. my applications showed medical received for long time umm 5 months i think untill i got some updates by e mail..so lily u should nt rely alot on e case

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