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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by solomonwise, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. Dear All can any body answer??????
  2. Can any one please tell me that who can be a representative ?
    can family member become representative of the applicant ?

    And can you please list of the forms that require to submitt for this category ?

    I have my first cousin sister who has completed B.Com, PGDCA, MCOM and MBA from India, and currently working with CA firm as a financial auditor.

    Will she qualify for this category ?

    The reason i need your opinion is because she is the only person left in her family (Parents and brother sister passed away) and I would like to bring her here and settle down.

    I am the resident of nova scotia (Federal PR).

    What are the poits factor.


  3. I guess your birth certificate should do the trick. Hopefully your birth certificate should have your mother's name. WIth that you can add your mother as your dependant and apply
  4. I am sending my docs to nova scotia today mar 8,sg time. I believe it will reach ns in 3-4days time. Maybe march 12, i am also applying to mb on march 13.

    Where shall i send the nsnp dics? The add with or without po box? Thanks. There's a courier add too.
  5. 3~6months,say
  6. Any idea about this?
  7. What I understand is that FINAL-RLMD-stream-February-2014 is just a guide to complete section H of the form NSNP-100.
  8. How come 3-6months??
  9. Hi all, what should i do in the case passport expiration date ends in less than 2 years?????
  10. I also have the same question. Not sure if the question is directed to those already in NS?
  11. HI ALL,
    Does anyone has a sample letter of the settlement plan or how to write it please?
  12. The first part you need to briefly explain your settlement plan

    And also, you need to fill out the apendix 3, but this time with more detail
  13. Well Package arrive at Halifax, today friday 7 at 10 am, now wait and see if is complete or all the forms were correctly filled out...
  14. how many days before it arrives there ah? you are from where?
  15. I Sent the package Tuesday, from central america

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