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2 year PG Diploma course = 3 year work permit?

Discussion in 'International Students' started by merwyn.xavier, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    My name is Merwyn,
    I'm an MBA graduate - Marketing (Major) and now i want to study in Canada with an intention to work and settle over there. I'm searching for 2 year Marketing/Advertising courses in Canadian Universities/Colleges as it would lead to 3 year work permit, which may guarantee me a PR in future.

    I have few queries regarding the eligibility criteria for the course to apply for and the work permit granted:

    - How is 2 year full time studies interpreted in Canada? Is it 16 months (8 months per year)? or 24 months (total study time)?

    - If I apply for a course consisting of Co-op/Internship will it be considered within full time study period?

    - Which of the following type of courses are eligible/not eligible for CEC and if eligible, can guarantee me a 3 year work permit after completion of 2 year study period
    a. Graduate courses
    b. Bachelors courses
    c. Diploma
    d. Advanced Diploma
    e. Certificate courses
    f. Post-Graduation Diploma
    f. any other (I'm missing out)

    - Can I do Two '1 year Post graduation diploma' course '8 months' each from same or different Colleges within 2-3 years, will I be eligible for 3 year work permit?

    - How much balance do I have to show in my Bank A/c? Can i show the balance in my parents A/c? For how many months or years do i have to maintain the balance?

    I will be grateful if someone can help me out with these queries..

  2. Most Diploma programs are 24 months but the actual terms are only 4 terms and runs 16 mths with 4 mths break btw the 2 yrs. If u take a 2 yrs program then u will be allowed to work in Canada for 2 yrs, i dont think u are allowed 3 yrs for a start, however, u can renew it once u have completed the 2 yrs of work. All programs, be it certificates, Diplomas and Degree levels are eligible for CEC as long as u have the work experience here after yr graduation.

    Find out more from the CEC website.
  3. @ abelkwh, thank you so much for your reply..

    As per the information below the 3 year work permit is valid through post graduate work permit program,

    To be eligible for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, international students:

    Must have studied full-time for the eight months preceding the completion of their program (please see note below) and must have graduated from:
    - a public post-secondary educational institution (university, college, or CEGEP); or
    - a Private post-secondary educational institution that operates under the same rules and regulations as public institutions, and receives at least 50 per cent of its financing for operations from government grants; or
    - a Canadian private educational institution authorized by provincial or territorial statute to confer degrees.
    - Must apply for a work permit within 90 days of receiving written confirmation from their academic institution that they have met the requirements of their program.
    - Must have completed and passed the program of study and received written notification that they are eligible to obtain their degree, diploma, or certificate.
    - Must have a valid study permit when applying for the work permit.
    - The program of study must be a minimum of two years for the graduate to obtain the three year work permit. However, if the program was less than two years but longer than eight months, the graduate can still obtain a work permit for the same duration as the program of study. In cases where a student has obtained a one year degree or diploma from an accredited educational institution within two years of having successfully completed a previous accredited Canadian post-secondary degree or diploma, he or she may qualify for a three-year open work permit.
  4. i have done my mba in international buiness.nw i wanted to go to canada..can i do a diploma for 2 years and get work permit for 3 years..pleaz reply ..urgent
  5. IO will think that why you are doing diploma after MBA.

    You should seek higher qualification not lower.

    I know one student, who apply for diploma on the base of MBA and he got rejected.

    So be careful about course.
  6. what can i do after mba then.any certifate program or else?
  7. You can take admission in higher education than MBA.

    You can apply on the bases of betcholar. But you have to fill your gap.................
  8. then my mba with get wasted!!i will not be able to shw it then ever n future in canada..
  9. what can be options..can i do 2 year certificate program in some college after showing my mba
  10. Hi Manpreet,

    I doubt that colleges in Canada offer 2 year graduate certificates in business admin/studies (i could be wrong though). However you can ask universities whether they will give you advance standing in MBA/M.A in business studies after you complete 1 year graduate certificate from any Canadian college so that you can transfer credits of your graduate certificate to masters degree. Its a much better scenario than going to college to study an undergraduate business diploma when you already have an MBA.

    Cheers ;-)
  11. if i go for 1 year certificate program after shwg my mba,i can get a visa or there will be still problems..
    actuaaly i want to go for i year certificate program after completg my MBA in international business
  12. plz somebody help me..i wana do certificate course after mba..can i get my visa ..my academics are very strong with strong funds..my ielts band iss 7.please reply
  13. If u already have an MBA and have strong academic background, the Canadian consulate will question yr intentions as u already have business background and credentials. Most student visas will only issued if u are doing a different program which does not have close relationship to yr current credential background, this is so cause u are doing a certificate instead of pursuing a higher program in yr respective field. Say, for example, if u are pursing a certificate or diploma program in nursing or engineering, then there is a good reason for the visa office to issue u the visa for yr studies, but u are pursing a certificate instead in the same business area when u already have an MBA, then the visa office will definitely question yr intention to do such a thing. U can, however still try but just be fore-warned of the outcome. Furthermore, u may just be wasting yr money cause what u have learn from yr previous programs in MBA or bachelors in business could just be a repetition except in a Canadian context. U should consider doing a different field instead.

    Actually, what is yr true intention to do a certificate in business when u have an MBA? This is pretty evident that u plan to do it to enter Canada and then try to immigrate, in this case, the Canadian visa office will also be able to infer from yr intentions. As such, it is advisable for u to do something else instead of just a certificate in business.
  14. what can be other options then..
  15. options for what?

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