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Your PR application is taking too long? READ THIS! Find out why. Make it go faster!

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by TommySan, Jul 25, 2018.

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    This was created under the provincial nomination program sub-forum because the PR processing time for paper-based nominees, especially for INLAND applicants, takes too long, and it is now taking 19 months (average). It floats from 14 to 19. Since this is the longest time of all the streams, people get anxious about their application.

    Now, first you have to understand that, THE REASONS WHY YOUR APPLICATION IS TAKING TOO LONG ARE SUPER SIMPLE, don't freak out about your case.

    If your question was already answered on this topic or if you didn't read this thoroughly, I will not answer your question and I ask other good-hearted users to not reply to them either
    , since if a person doesn't read the whole topic and come here all selfish and lazy shouting in capitals "everyone PLZ HELP, I NEED ANOTHER PAIR OF EYES ON THIS, HI, I'M NEW HERE AND I'M A XXXNP APPLICANT FROM YESTERDAY, MY CASE IS THIS _____(INSERT OFF TOPIC AND UNNECESSARILY DETAILED LONG CASE HERE, PROBABLY COPIED AND PASTED FROM SOMEWHERE ELSE)____, HOW LONG WILL THIS TAKE, HELP MEEEE, HEY HERE (SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE TO EVERYONE) BLABLABLA", they should learn that this is not a forum of free consultation, and that the best way to immigrate is to learn and do it yourself instead of throwing your money in the hands of someone else to take care of a matter as important as your future, and if you, like me, have been around for about a year, you probably have seen a lawyer or consultant screwing up someone else's life, and you have probably heard that good laywers and consultants.

    I will follow up by posts, so, know that I will be quite frank on some points later on. I will talk about what I have seen.

    Lets started with some factors...

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    Application related factors:
    - Is your application package organized and complete?
    - Did you send proof of everything, with translations, all in good copies?
    - Are you being completely honest with CIC?
    - Do you really plan to live in the province that nominated you?

    Every applicant should know this is the best you can do to speed up your processing time:

    If you said yes to all:
    - your receipt letter (acknowledgment of receipt - AOR) will take about 2 months to come after the package arrived at the processing office (use the tracking code).
    - Your medicals request (MR) will take about 9 months after the AOR.
    - It takes about 1 month to update your profile after MR is received.
    - *Background check* - After medicals are passed, it takes about 6 months to process your background.
    - Final review - It may take about 1 month and passport request and return 1.5-2 months.

    *This is the express entry processing time. EE takes ~6 months. The same time should be taken to process paper-based, but I believe they have more people working on EE.

    Total average processing time:
    2+9+1+6: 16 months
    + passport request and return take ~1.5 months = 17.5 months to get your PR.

    This is the normal time. Don't freak out. If you got ADR, add ~2 months for each ADR (read below).

    The background check is the bulk of the processing time and it includes your whole life. Let's talk about it next.
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    This is the bulk of your processing time. So, naturally, the more straightforward your application is, the faster it is going to be processed. If something is not clear, wrong, etc, and we will talk about that later, it will cause delays.

    Background related factors:
    - The number of dependents: This has been reported to affect your application, especially if your kids are older. For spouses, the same principle applies, the easier it is to check on the other applicants, the faster it will be.
    - The country you were born in: Because the security background check depends on external security agencies and partners, the diplomatic relationship between your country and Canada will affect this. If your country is in good diplomatic relationship with Canada, it will be faster. If not, they will have to use other means to confirm you are not a criminal. They will basically spy on you.
    - The country you were born in again: Your application is analyzed by specialists for a cluster/region. That means they speak your language, know your government website addresses, know how things look like, fake website addresses, universities that do not exist, companies and cities. They know everything. That means that, to have those specialists available, that will depend on how many applicants from that region CIC is getting, in other words, if they have 3 employees, the processing time will change if they take 300 or 1000 application per month, plus, how easy it is to verify that information for everyone, meaning, people with delayed applications will cause a delay for everyone. The problems for that country or cluster of countries will be a common problem for everyone in the cluster. That doesn't mean that, if your country get fewer applicants (let's say you are from Monaco, San Marino or the Maldives) it will be faster, because they will probably also have fewer employees or third parties of that cluster since they don't pay for people to do nothing. According to the immitracker, the paper-based inland applicants getting the fastest MR were from USA, China, Korea, Ukraine, and India. If you have been to Canada, I believe it will be quite obvious that Indians and Chinese applicants are not few. Despite that, their applications were going somehow faster, probably because they have more specialists.
    - How tech savvy is your government: If you police certificates can be checked online, if they have a barcode that the CIC agent can use to confirm the veracity of the information you provide by going to the federal police of your country and check that your police certificate is original, it is faster.
    - Previous jobs: How easy they can verify will affect your time. If they can easily verify the companies you worked with exist, or that your number of years of experience are accurate
    - Education: If your university is a big and good one, it is easy to check, because they have a good online presence. In some of them, the diplomas come with a code, and this code can be used online to check if your diploma/certificate is original. That speeds things up a bit.
    - Involvement with the army: If you were male, 18, had to go to the mandatory army and then left, you show this document and that is it. But if you were a Sargeant, then your application processing time will obviously change if you were a Sargeant with the US or UK armies, or if you were Sargeant in Iraq, Russia, or North Korea.
    - Religion: Well, sad to say, but it will change if you are a Muslim. Everybody knows that but nobody wants to talk about it. It is the big white elephant in the room. It will never show up in nobody's GCMS notes.
    - Past involvement with drugs: Do you smoke pot? If you do, you probably bought it from the narcotraffic. That means you know some stuff and somehow contributed to the proceedings of the crime because drug dealers don't simply sell recreation. They destroy families. It may delay your application. Although alcohol is also a legal drug and cigarettes are as bad as pot, you should consider quitting everything. It is bad for you.
    - Criminal background, criminal activities, general activism, political involvement: If you have a criminal past, please, don't go to Canada. Now, if you were unfairly jailed for a day or went to the station because you were protesting for a transgender thing, free education, whatever, and there was a clash with the police, you were young and stupid, don't try to hide it in your application. If you got a dangerous driving ticket, or even if you punched someone in self-defense, don't hide anything. Anything hidden will severely delay your application.

    Now with that said:

    -Countries were you live and worked in: Everything said above will apply to each country. I believe it is done simultaneously, so the slower country will be the culprit for your processing time, but I have seen people that live in too many countries having longer processing times.

    -Dependents and applicants: Everything said above will apply to each dependent. Unless they are 4 years old.

    -Past employment and additional document requests, travels (schedule A): If you change anything that belongs to your background, you have to update them.
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    Additional documents request - ADR:
    -Did you answer yes to all the questions before you proceed?
    -Did you get an ADR?

    If you answered yes but got an ADR, you either made a mistake or should have answered NO. This is already a sign that you are prone to have your application taking longer. ADRs are either sent because your documentation was incomplete, or because you were not careful enough and made a mistake.

    Got and ADR? Do what they request as soon as possible. If your application is honest, I don't see any reason why additional documents should take too long. Therefore, send it in less than 30 days or you will raise flags. That will severely delay your application. Even if you are too busy to do it, work overtime, don't sleep, drink more coffee or red bull. Use the web form. Link your application to your myCIC profile (leave the city your were born blank, some required fields with asterisks are not actually required). Then check if they received.

    CIC will always send a receipt of additional documentation and if you went ahead and did or got an ADR, there will be a message in your profile page. If you did not get the message, they did not get it, upload it again, better safe than sorry.

    Each ADR will delay your application in about 2 months.

    Change in personal information or update to sent documents:
    -Had a new baby?
    -Changed address?
    -Change jobs?
    -Traveled abroad?
    -Married or divorced?
    -Got a new phone number?
    -Got a new degree?*

    That means the documents you sent need to be updated. If you didn't know that, go back a few steps, read about it above, but I will link this again.

    That part that says "tell us of any changes to the personal information on your application, such as changes to your" means that you have to tell them of any change. Any. And that you have to click on the link, Anyway: http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=43&top=4
    If you live in Canada and went to the US for a black Friday border crossing shopping spree, even for 24 hours, don't you new stamps in your passport? And didn't you have to send pictures of all the pages or list all the countries you visited and lived in, with the date of the stamps? Well, then you have a new stamp and that means a new Schedule A must be uploaded.

    Use the web form.

    Don't wait for them to ask for additional documents. at the moment you step in your new house, update your driver's license address immediately and tell CIC.

    Upload your new docs asap, because if the agent sees the original documents and the updated documents, he/she will not send an ADR and you will save about 2 months!

    Now, some cases will really delay your application. We'll talk about it in the mistakes, but if you go to Canada, tell them your spouse is not coming with you, but after you got the PR, you want to sponsor him/her to come from your previous country, after staying 4 years apart, and you can't prove you dated before, that will raise flags. Likewise, if your application is in process, you then add a spouse, maybe because you two weren't married before, the application took too long that you got married in between, well, that will raise flags, but sending proof of marriage is not a problem, after all, who doesn't have a signed document, pictures of the marriage, of, because marriage parties are super expensive, even or pictures of you two together, drinking a coke together, don't hesitate to send it along with a plethora of proof that will not leave a shadow of doubt.
    Read these article about marriage and judgment issues:

    *If the application takes about 2 years to be processed and your 17 yo son finished high school, I don't believe you have to tell them because they can figure it out, but I don't see a reason not to.

    Change in nomination conditions
    This one is complex, so I will not talk about it too much. It goes on a case by case basis.

    In summary, legally, if the conditions of your nomination change, you lost your nomination. You should contact your province AND CIC (yes, both) immediately. Some factors will apply, such as your economical success, trying to find a new job or getting it in the same NOC or similar as fast as possible if your nomination was based on employment and locked to the employer. It may also weigh in your favor is how long it took to process your application. It is natural to look for new positions, to try to go up in life, or even to be bothered by your boss, creating a difficult relationship, and then you have to quit. This is NORMAL! And they know that, in 2 years, you may have a fight with your boss.

    What is not normal is not telling CIC and the province. You have to. If you are really needed by the province, they will continue to support your nomination and issue a new certificate.

    Bear in mind that CANADA NEEDS SKILLED AND WELL INTENTIONED IMMIGRANTS. THEY NEED YOU. What they don't need is people tied to immigration fraudulent schemes, fake employment offers, shady stuff. Nobody likes liars.

    Do your part and CIC will do theirs. Just try to make their jobs easy.
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    Finally, your application may be taking to long because you made a small mistake, or a big mistake, or (I'm not accusing anyone) misrepresentation.

    The good news is: Not everything is lost, it may just take longer!

    CASE 1:
    - A person added the spouse 1 year later and the new marriage certificate was requested, as well as proof of relationship, which his/her lawyer sent 5 months after the request: The request was made in September, but the documents were sent in March. Thus, this adds 5 months of delay in the processing time, plus a background of the spouse that started 1 year after the application, or maybe only now in March 2018, after the additional documents were sent. If it takes about 2 years for a normal person nomination, for this applicant, these 2 years may have started counting in March, only after the requested docs were sent.
    This applicant must get ready for more medicals in case he/she sent them before, new police certificates, updated schedule A, IELTs, a new proof of funds, updated jobs and addresses lived, jobs... basically everything again because things changed, and some documents will expire.
    Now, as I said before, getting married in the span of 19 months may happen. But this is the ISSUE: For me, I can't stress how easy it would be to prove I'm married and I wonder why someone would take 5 months to do that. It raises flags for me, and I believe it also raises flags for CIC. I would change my lawyer.
    This person's case is very unfortunate: It already took 12 months, and let's assume that every check where they need ADR takes +2 months. The added spouse is basically a new individual needing a new background, the let's say thattwith doc checks it takes 6 months, plus the 5 months delay in sending docs by the part of the applicant, we are adding 13 months here, so we are looking at a total of 25 months without asking for more ADRs. With the flags raised because of the 5 months delay, if no explanation is give, it may be longer, and documents such as police records will expire.

    CASE 2:
    - In this case, this person changed jobs after getting a nomination and did not notify either the province, or cic, or both. I don't know if this was done 7 months after that, when this person needed a new permit, and wanted a BOWP. But it took at least 7 months to notify someone, in case he did.
    - I don't know if the nomination was locked to the employer, if not, they will send an ADR, he will upload a new doc with the new job and that will add just 2 more months.
    - But let's pretend the nomination was locked was just to make it worse: If it was, the conditions for nomination changed. Now he wants to renew his permit. Because the applicant wants an OWP, and not a WP, he didn't use the work permit support letter, and because and did not notify CIC about the change in employment history, asking for a OWP it will raise flags. CIC will compare the permit requested with the nomination to see if it was locked (if that is not already done automatically by software). They will check if the applicant remains with the employer to determine if there was a change in the conditions for the nomination. Next, to get that answer, they will send an ADR asking for T4s, 3 most recent paystubs and proof of employment, etc. This adds +2 months. They will easily see he has a new employer, and therefore, it was a violation of the nomination.
    Finally, because they know that waiting 2 years in the same job/NOC may be cruel especially if you want to grow, get a better job, etc, they will contact the nominating province. The province will decide to withdraw or not the nomination and will probably contact the nominee to get more information about his new job. The nomination indicates that this person is obviously needed in Canada, so the odds may be in his favor, and the province may continue to support him. If so, based on his new job, wages, etc, the application decision goes back to CIC, where they will analyze the probability of being successfully established in Canada.
    Regardless of what could happen, at least 1 ADR will be requested (+2 months) and there will be consultation time of the federal government with nomination office (who knows how long, it may be 2 days, or may be 5 weeks).Naturally, this will cause delays.

    Several genuine reasons may exist to request an OWP when you should ask a WP, such as employer delay in placing a job offer in the employer portal, the right to do so, in order to continue exploring new job opportunities, etc.

    But if the request is genuine, you changed jobs, regardless of the nomination, you have to tell CIC immediately. If you wait for an ADR, it takes time.


    If you had more documents asked (ADR), did not send them within 30 days, was asked, sent but they did not receive, and if there is any complication, like marriage, birth, new travels, change of job, change of nomination circumstances or anything similar, tell us HERE IN THE FORUM if you need help, and you will also help determinini the causes of longer processing times.

    Let us know what makes your proccess obviously more complex. Avoid simply saying you have been waiting for 22-26 months without giving us the details
    . Let us know if it was your fault in taking too long to upload documents like the case 1 above. It will help us determining how long each type of issue will take.

    We are here trying to help, figuring if it is the nationality, countries you lived, travels, dependents, and THE MOST IMPORTANT details like ADR must not be ignored. As all these factors influence your processing time, we want to estimate how much.
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    Well, let's all be honest. Living here in Canada as an immigration candidate, I have struggled to get enough points for EE, build my career, get more points for EE and etc. But what pisses me off is seeing people trying to cheat. It varies from small stuff to big stuff.
    DON'T DO THAT!!! You will only harm yourself and delay everyone else's application.


    Misrepresentation, cheating, and things I have seen or heard:
    -People offering a change in job position, title and description, a higher (fake) salary, to fit a province stream: Your boss is a nice guys and want to help you immigrate. To fit a job offer stream, he changes your title and salary ON paper, and pay you above the average for that province (but ask you to return the difference), so that all is good to go. DON'T DO THAT! That is a misrepresentation. Plus, you will harm yourself too much, pay taxes as if you were earning $20/h when you make $15. And you risk losing everything. Find a new job instead, there are plenty. In one year, you become eligible, plus, you will be really employed in a betrbe job, and probably with a better, honest, employer.
    -People lying on EE profiles to get an ITA: I have seen people saying that they worked for 2 years in a very nice position just to later admit they were studying their masters and did some lab work with a stipend, or volunteered in some companies, not being paid FT job, or got a scholarship funded by a company or government agency and said he worked for the people paying the stipend without being actually employed by that agency. DON'T DO THAT. This is the reason why a job experience in Canada is worth so much, and work experience in other countries is not worth many points. Because of that, skilled immigrants that did not have the opportunity to work in Canada are at disadvantage, and you are basically making the system slower for all other applicants, because it may take a while to figure if someone really worked for the last 10 years in aa compan that is not visible, which leads to an ADR, someone having to look at it, and delays.
    -People lying to the province about the job offer: I saw a few cases on this forum because people sometimes ask weird questions that give away that they are doing something wrong. In one case, a person clearly lying about being a manager in a place where he/she was hired by probably a friend or family. This place hired mainly immigrants from the owner's country. The job was probably horrible, so they couldn't manage to hold Canadians employed there for too long so to have a 3:1 Canadian-to-Immigrant ratio and obey provinces. Don't do that kind of deal with these small business owners. They may try to help you, but will end up in jail. Look for a NOC B job instead, or get a job in the trades and get the certificate you need to get more 50 points on EE, improve your IELTS score, etc. You won't regret.
    -Fake marriage: Ugh.
    -Marriage for interest (innocent in 40s rich guy vs young 20s hottie): Ugh!
    -A fake made-real marriage of current real couples in-love: one of the couple goes to Canada to study or something else, and later wants to bring the partner he or she misses. They legally marry. This is not forbidden, But if you marry, you better love. Plus, it may lead to a longer application.
    -False/inexperienced consultants: I don't know if some of you noticed, but I have seen members with a lot of posts here, asking some weird questions. In one case, the person said his/her timeline or stream was X and asked for help. Later, this same person posted a completely timeline and province stream, Y. Then it changed again to Z. Normal people can't leave in AB, PEI and NS at the same time or will hardly be eligible to nominations in all of them, although provinces may fight for this candidate. But the person was describing different periods and different cases. So basically this person is not an immigrant, but a consultant taking money from people, then coming here asking for advice when he/she don't know what to do. If you need consultation, hire a reliable service (they have to be registered), otherwise, if you hire someone who consults in the forum - something you could do by yourself - you will end up paying for the immigration consultant's mistakes, because if something goes wrong and 2 years later you lose your chance to immigrate, all they will say to you is "sorry!" and will not return your money. Now you are older and short of 5k + processing fees, while you could have invested in education and information yourself. Don't hire these people: They will be the cause of your longer processing time and make mistakes that delay everybody else's application.

    Basically, the general causes of long processing times are:
    - applications that are not straightforward
    - ADR
    - mistakes
    - The system is jammed/backlog
    - Misrepresentation

    Delays will feed more delay to the system and slow the flow, pushing the average up.

    For cases where the person is not thorough with the documentation, or not honest with CIC (and probably not honest in this forum), or if someone is not completely satisfying CIC when additional documents are requested, this makes matters worse. That will obviously be delaying the application and increasing the average processing time for everyone else.

    Misrepresentation will never pass.

    Tax declarations, T4, amount and proof of unencumbered funds, education, age, previous jobs, travels, visited addresses, how your visited addresses matched the information you gave to the official at a border of countries like US, differences in age of married couples, political views, religion, race, education and age profile, physical appearance, body modifications, social media, and even your phone location will be used by them to judge your application, and believe me, this will not be in the GCMS notes. That is why it takes 6 months! They do not simply check if the police certificate is real and issued by an authority! That would take a few minutes! They do not simply check if the company you said you worked with exist, or if your employment letter is real, or if your degree is not fake. Those things are easy to check and anyone can do it just with Google. What they will do is, they will really know if your worked there and from when to when.
    They know everything and they will not be guilty and stupid by giving away their intelligence methods or putting racist notes on the GCMS, they will use technical terms such as "was not able to fully satisfy/prove/convince the officer and more documents were requested" and that is it! If you think you can slide any lie through the system, save yourself some time and money and don't apply!

    Do as you say, live an honest life. If you said you were going to a Marriot at an specific address in US, you better go there and log in to that hotel wifi and you better upload your travel photos to Facebook! Or if this information does not match what you told the official... oh boy, you are doomed! If you stayed at another hotel, you better have an explanation ready. You have a half brother who was convicted of a crime? And you thought about not mentioning him in your application? You think you don't need to worry about that because he is not in your friend on Facebook? Well, if he is the son of your father's previous marriage, all they need to do is check your father's son's, his brother and cousins, and see if anyone was ever convicted. That is made by computer and it takes seconds. Be honest and add your half brothers/sisters, adoptions, and anything else that may look negative. If it is not your fault, it is not your fault.

    Do not lie, do not cheat, and send a clear and easy to analyze application, otherwise, you will delay yoursy and everyone's application.


    Thank you!
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  7. The longer processing time loop:

    Delays will feed more delay to the system and slow the flow, pushing the average up, not only because of math, but it will really cost time for the agents to analyze complicated cases. If they can process 4 per day, when they get a complex case, they can now proccess 2.
    If Canada takes 300,000 Immigrants per year, 822 candidates must be seen per day. If 1/3 is from CEC/PNP nominees, they have to process 274/day.

    - If it takes 10 months to process John, 20 for Mary, average would 15.

    But because of Mary, it takes more time for John, because when an agent has Mary's applicatio, he won't stop untill finished some steps.

    - For John now it takes 11 months, for Mary it takes 21. The average now is 16.

    But a lot of Marys overload the system, they do not have new employees, and the backlog starts:

    - For John now it takes 14 months, for Mary it takes 24 months because of ADRs. The average is now 19 months.

    It doesn't matter how good was John's application. Maey made a bad, disorganized application, so the delay is caused by Mary.

    In the middle of 2017, the processing time was 14 months. Now in July, it is taking 19 months. Which means we have too many Marys in the system.
  8. Ever thought about its the applicants home countries delay in sending background information about the applicants back to IRCC? For example i recently was talking to another forum user has gotten his PR visa and just arrived in Canada. He was suppose to do this landing but CBSA denied his landing and told him that they are still waiting for some information from India so they cannot land him.

    Apparently more information was needed from Govt of India but they haven't sent it to IRCC yet. As of now that forum user is still waiting to complete his landing.

    Especially applicants from the middle east countries, background checks are more extensive compared to others because millions of applicants are applying for PR at the same time and if you had read the news some while back, applicants from Iran and Iraq face the longest processing time due to their country. So it depends where the applicants are from too.
  9. Definitely.

    It is covered in the post #3, Background check, under "country you were born in" part 1, regarding diplomatic relationship with Canada.

    Post #7 talks about the loop, which is the simplest thing, just a side effect.

    Unfair, btw, unfair to give that person the PR but not allow to complete the landing.
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  10. it's not too many marys that we have, it's the lack of resources
  11. I know right. Last I heard from him, he is still waiting to hear from CBSA. They even took his passport with PR Visa.
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    Oh yeah, Lileka, forgot to mention resources. There are other stuff I wanted to add, but the forum does not let me edit the initial posts.

    To others, if you want to know more about resources and bureaucracy, read this:

    But Lileka: if resources are fixed, regardless of the variation in budget every year, complex applications still cost more time. It eats resources.

    If we could come up with a general formula, it would be something like this:

    Pt = S + C - R

    Pt = Processing time
    S = number of Simple applications
    C = Complex applicantions
    R = Resources available (people, computers, $, etc)

    Since the total number of applicants = S + C, each C takes the place of 1 S. And if the budget is fixed at the beggining of every year, and the processing time in 2018 is increasing since January, from 14 to 19 months, it could have been caused by complex applications draining resources.

    Because, as mentioned in the link above, Immigration is not Canada's top priority, and now we have the asylum seeker crisis to compete with regular immigrants, even if there is a budget review and they can see the processing time is too high, nothing will be done until 2019, because of elections.
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  13. some parts of your essay are just weird...what do booze and pot have to do with immigration? also, it clearly says/asks whether one has been convicted. being stopped by the police is not a crime dude. its a nice article, but you seem to go too far, don't you agree on this?
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    It may delay, but I dont know, to be honest. It is an extra risk. Recently, people have been denied entry in the US, and we are talking about visiting. Even parking tickets will be checked. A person who obtained pot, in most countries, obtained it from obscure sources. People related to obscure activities may have sought recreation, and may be super nice people, but the fact is that the databases don't know you and how nice you are.

    Most won't admit it, but there 4 types of people:
    1 - Those who will never do anything bad,
    2 - those who could perhaps do something bad
    3 - those who may have made small mistakes in the past and/or are prone to make mistakes
    4 - criminals

    They will check if you are a good guy. Drug is a factor, isn't it? Processing time is super fast for 1 and 4: Passed and denied right away. For 2 and 3, those checks are longer. It may use a computer and take seconds. Or it may need a login and checks of who you bought stuff from. If the source is someone not dangerous, it may take minutes, but if your source is a crime kingpin you met frequently in a shady nightclub, it may take longer because they don't know your involvement with that person, and they have to check, so there are varied degrees of where pot led to.

    Being denied a PR is something different than lengthening the process. For that line, it was said that an application may take longer, not that it will, because, honestly, I don't know. We are trying to look at all the factors that affect time (not rejection), and they have different weights.

    I may be wrong, but I believe pot, for creating contact with criminals, may weigh in, because (this I know for sure) even the genuine marriage of a guy who comes to Canada and one year later marries the girlfriend he left in his country takes longer because they ask for proof of the previous relationship.

    Pot may be ignored by CIC, but not by CSIS, they will try to know your hidden wrongdoings, not the clear ones. If someone shows up in the database with more lines, it takes time. If it is just pot, then meh, 30 minutes later they send the results saying "nothing more than pot, porn, lots of google search about UFOs, too many hours in COD, cat videos and a speeding ticket was found."
  15. man, c`mon, you been watching too many movies. this is an immigration process not time spent at Guantanamo base where they go through your life day after day. it is virtually impossible to check your criminal connections except for the situation you got involved and later convicted. I don't think any police force is obliged to open their files to an immigration guy from a respective country more than to confirm one has been convicted or not. same for parking tickets...who would bother to check these? and for what? plus, this is not illegal to have contacts with criminals. this is not what the application packet is all about. I can only presume they check all that is checkable unless there is some serious doubt - like somebody's disappearance - going to syria for instance for a couple of months. this kind of stuff. and why bother asking for a criminal record check and its translation if they can do it themselves using some sort of software? in case of my country all what is needed is your date of birth and full name. no bar code, no nothing. also, bear in mind, that checking the countries you been to is, especially in Europe, virtually impossible. there are no borders so how can it be checked and for what? you just drive from one country to another and all you see is different gas stations. nobody is chipped so this is not trackable. I don't think your credit card history is checked. this is not CIA man. if there was such a hypothetical database/software capable of providing such info, the whole immigration process would take a week or so...

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