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Yet Another Vehicle Import Question.....

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Huron, Aug 20, 2012.

  1. When importing and registering a vehicle in Ontario does one need to have the SSC (Safety Standards Certificate) and the Drive clean Emissions certificate performed on the vehicle or are these procedures included as part of the Federal Inspection (form 2) ?

    If they are in addition to the Inspection form 2 where is a good and inexpensive place to get these done and what should one expect to pay for these tests and certificates?

    Thanks !
  2. The federal inspection does not include the safety test or the emissions test and have to be done separately. You essentially need 3 separate tests - federal, safety, and emissions. Once Canadian Tire does the federal inspection and faxes Form 2 to RIV, you can choose to do the safety and emissions at Canadian Tire or at some other place. The emissions is usually around $40 (tax included) regardless of where you have it done . The safety can run from $80 to $120 (plus HST) depending on where you have it done. The dealerships seem to charge more and seem to be more nit picky about what the card needs in order for the car to pass the safety.
  3. Thanks for the car info. I was really helpful!

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