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Y axis

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by sandy6543, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Has anyone applied through Y axis how long it takes.

  2. Y axis should actually be renamed as 360 degrees because thats how they treat you once you pay them. Their agency has a bunch of dodos who contradict eachother and make silly mistakes. Basically they dont really care where you land up once you have paid up. Even after charging you through the nose they ask you money for couriering your application to CIC and till you don't pay up they cite some silly process (ah so they have atleast heard of this word) and sit on your application. Never mind asking what happened to the hefty consulting fee that you paid. Abhinav is no better met them for canada they sent me UK docs and the proprieter who met me committed on mail and in person on a particular rate and then changed his line because he also forgot which country i wanted to migrate to despite me writing clear mails on this to him and everyone else. The only advantage you have (if you can even call it one) is that you have a bonfire burning under your backside and wallet hence move fast and try to complete the process. If you leave it on your own you probably will be overwhelmed with other priorities.
  3. hello..
    trhis is shweta..a physiotherapist from india..can u please tell me how is this consultancy company...y axis??have u been registered with them??
    pls do let me know...
  4. Hi !

    I am a new member! i just filed my case! Its really VERY simple!
    Please go through the new Application package along with the guide! It removes all your doubts.
    DON"T GO THROUGH ANY company... they just make you do all the running around with papers and eat all the money too!
    Now the new application is very simple and you don't need any extra papers at all...just go with the checklist!

  5. Thanks poonam...
    but have already paid them a good amount!!!if i withdraw...dhont think they will refund money....do you have any idea about the consultancy i named???
    by the way poonam...u have applied under which noc??u too are a physio??
  6. Yes I applied under NOC 0631. I went to Y-axis, but i after talking to them i realized that they were not really making my work any easier ... i still had to do everything on my own . All they were worried about was their share of MONEY. They keep calling you everyday till you say yes.... !!! ....and then its all up to you start collecting the papers....!!!

    I am sorry that you have already paid them the amt...but the only thing you can do is to...keep asking then about the followup at every step ...( that's what u paid them to do!!))

    best of luck!!!
  7. ammm poonam :(
    one good thing is that my process consultant is good and seems to be quite responsible...so a bit of hope that everything will go smooth!!!!!lets see...
  8. Hi mayankpt,

    Can u pls share the status update of ur case as we too have paid to y-axis fr PNP. Waitng fr ur feedback!!
  9. Hi All, even I am in a situation where I am unable to decide whether to go to a consultant or not. I have got most of the documents ready including WES and IELTS but not so confident to apply myself. I know Express entry profile can be created easily but I need help on PNP's of different provinces and other programs since I know my CRS score (372) is not enough to receive an ITA. I approached Opulentus and Y-axis and they both mentioned they will help in PNP applications also based on our eligibility. They are charging around 85k-95k with 70% payment up front and the remaining 30% after getting an invitation or nomination from a province. I am thinking of going with Opulentus, since I have less knowledge of PNP nominations and have limited time to check when the application windows open. But confused after reading negative reviews about consultants. Please suggest.
  10. Consultants can add value to a PNP application since there are a lot of PNP programs, and they all have different rules. If you don't have the time to figure out the details of all the programs, a good consultant can certainly be helpful.

    The trick is finding a good consultant. The very first thing is to make sure the consultant is ICCRC licensed. I see that Opulentus isn't registered themselves, they just say they work with registered consultants. Y-axis doesn't say anything about ICCRC on their site that I can find.

    Have you tried calling/contacting consultants based in Canada? You can search for some at the ICCRC website and contact a few to see how they treat you, and how much they charge. They will probably be more expensive than Indian companies, but if you find a good one it's probably worth the money.
  11. Thank you so much for your response 21goose. Is it possible for you to name few consultants based in Canada? And since I am based in India is it safe to pay money to Canadian consultant without being able to contact in person?
  12. I'll answer your second question first - yes, paying money to a legitimate consultant in Canada is perfectly safe. Naturally you can come across a scammer.

    I do not personally endorse any consultant, but I can show you how to search for a real consultant.

    1. Try Campbell Cohen - the guys hosting this forum. (I don't work for them, but they are an obvious choice cause you and I are talking on their forum).

    2. Go to https://iccrc-crcic.ca/find-a-professional/. Then, enter a city in the search Field. I chose Waterloo (randomly, simply because I know there's a good university there. You can choose any city you like).

    3. The first result on the list is Chris Daw from Daw Immigration. I picked him, went to his website and looked at the About Us page


    Reading about him, it appears he has been doing this for a while and seems to be well qualified.

    To be certain, I google "Christopher Daw immigration scam" and similar terms. I come across this article


    He's quoted by the CBC (Canada's version of the BBC) and yes, he was the Board Chair of the ICCRC. This is a reliable source and a strong indication that Chris is not a scammer and now I would have no hesitation in contacting Chris. I may not choose him in the end, but I know he's real.

    Again, I'm not endorsing Chris Daw, I don't know him from Adam. I'm just showing you how you can find someone who at least is qualified and isn't an out and out scammer. Then, you contact 5-10 similar qualified people and get a feel for how they treat you, how much they'd charge, etc.

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