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Worth the risk ?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by anilkumar925, Jan 19, 2015.

  1. Hello,

    I am planning to Travel to Halifax. I have a connecting flight from Toronto to Halifax. I need to complete my Landing in Toronto's pearson airport (i would land on Friday 8PM)

    Do you think 2.45 hrs waiting time is good enough to complete immigration and PR landing formalities (Can skip SIN registration if it is possible) ?

    The next flight is only in the morning. I would need to sleep in the airport. How bad is it to sleep in an Airport ? (First time for me)

    How big a risk is it with 2.45 hrs waiting time ?

  2. Anil,

    3 hours seems less, especially if you have to complete landing formalities. I haven't gone through landing, but reading some landing experiences here, it seems as though it can range anything from a few minutes to a few hours.

    Sleeping at the airport actually is not that bad. I had to spend a night at the airport once during a snowstorm and apart from the fear of oversleeping and missing my flight, all went well. They have restrooms, food courts and lots of benches where you can sleep. You can also charge your cell / laptop / tablet and catch up on your favorite movie or read a book.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your landing!
  3. If you are a single guy and/or traveling alone, then it might be worth the risk. If I were in your shoes (given that I have a family), I would probably book the next day flight to Halifax, stay at the airport hotel (or any other hotel in the airport's vicinity since they all have free shuttle service) and get some proper rest before continuing with my trip.

    We have arrived at Toronto Pearson in the past where 2-3 international flights arrived at the same time and the lines at the counters are long - and this is before you get to baggage claim and customs etc.
  4. Sleeping at the airport isn't bad and YYZ is quite a nice place to be. If buying a flight outright for the next day is more expensive, buy the 2.45 hours connecting flight - this way, if you miss the connection due to immigration you're probably going to get a free boarding pass for the next flight.
  5. You live just once, its now or never
  6. Unless most of your personal belongings had been checked-in, don't you need to put someone on guard?
  7. When you're talking about stopping over for a connecting flight, all your checked baggage remains checked...doesn't it? I would assume the person has booked a connecting flight with the same operator and / or a partner airlines so this automatically happening.
  8. They would need to off-load their luggage to go through customs and then re-check wouldn't they?

    On a somewhat related note, there is a service available in Terminal 1 - Baggage Storage in the Travel Store, where they store your luggage for a fee. It's a good option to consider if one takes a later flight but doesn't want to push a trolley full of luggage all over the airport and/or to a hotel.
  9. If that were the case, wouldn't the flight operator have to be instructed this is happening, because the airline will automatically route it to Halifax airport won't they?

    Anyone who has gone through this (connecting within a city in Canada) shed more light on it?

    My luggage was just at the baggage claim, and I didn't have to take it through specially to customs or anything...
  10. No, everyone on the flight connecting to Halifax (or any other Canadian city) would need to offload their bags in Toronto, pass through customs, and then re-check them in.

    You always need to go through customs on your first stop in Canada from an international flight. The next flight will be considered a domestic flight so no customs is necessary. So they do all the luggage inspections at your first stop.
  11. Oh I didn't know that, I've never connected domestically. Seems like a pain in the neck!
  12. Why can't you plan on staying overnight at an airport hotel, and flying to Halifax the next day?

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