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Working Mother

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by snowbear, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. I would like to know where do working mothers send their children (aged 9 and 13) to when they go to work? Do they leave them at home after school or they normally have full-time/part-time maids at home? I am currently working in my home country and both my kids are taken care by a full-time maid. I suppose I may not have the same luxury again when I move to Canada in the beginning... Can someone let me know what do working mothers normally do to their school-going children when they attend work? How much will it cost to hire a part-time maid in Vancouver?
  2. in the uk we have an aterschool activities which run up to 5 or 6pm which a parent pays extra i think 13 yrs is old enough but u dont want to risk. you could get a part time job or do flexi working around ur childrens time table. not very sure but that age shouldnt worry u than to having 1 - 2 - 3 yr olds.
  3. If both the parents are working parents, it becomes difficult to look after the children.Leaving children unattended is not only unjust but also against law. I understand both the parents must contribute towards the wellfare of children and arrange their working hours in such a manner that children are not at a disadvantageous position.
  4. When I was 8, I got my own keys to the house but I wouldn't recommend that as well as it might be against the law in some provinces to leave them alone before age 10, see http://www.safety-council.org/info/child/alone.html If their school is not offering after school daycare, you can try to find one in the area, otherwise get in touch with other parents in their class or on the block and see if there is one that is a stay home that is willing to let your kids come to their house after school for a fee. You can also advertise locally, say at your store for a "grandma", somebody in the neighbourhood who will either come to your house and be there for your kids or let your kids come to their house. From what I have seen, it's not very common for people to have an au-pair or full time nanny. Live-in caregivers in BC are making from $8 to 16 per hour, see http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/JobResult_en.aspx?ProvId=10&Keyword=live+in+caregiver&Sources=JobBank,Government&Student=No but you can charge them room and board. http://www.abcnannies.ca/?p=mnu_nanny_faq might help.
  5. Generally, working parents find a daycare for their children while they are at work. You can find a licenced or an unlicenced daycare provider in your area. This <a href="http://www.godaycare.com/finddaycare">daycare locator</a> site might be of use. If your child is already in school, then you will be looking for an afterschool program.
  6. One of my coworkers and his wife solved it by her getting an evening job so he works in the day and she works in the evenings. Of course that means they never see each other but it was either that or since she's a low skilled, it would not have been worth it for her to work because all her salary would have gone for daycare.
  7. ARE U SERIOUS ????

    What kind of a life is this?
  8. They see each other on the weekends and when he comes home and she's going to work and maybe when she comes back from work if he's still up but that is the solution that they picked that works for them. It's not ideal but it works. When they immigrated, she was staying home with the kids but he was not really making enough money to support that lifestyle. Since she's low skill and doesn't speak perfect english yet, there are not too many jobs for her to choose from that would leave them any money after paying for daycare so this was the only other option. Maybe when he can get a better paid job or she can get a better paid job or worst case scenario when the kids start school, they will not have to do this anymore.
  9. This is a very serious topic and none of the replies I have read is really giving me an answer. I am considering moving to Canada permanently and my children ages 6,11 and 16 are used to someone being at home for them. I am sure I will not be able to afford that service when I relocate, so what options will I have for afterschool care. I am thinking of settling in British Columbia, I am from a tropical country and that area seem to have a moderate enough climate.
  10. I can only repeat again my answer since Oct 4:

    And maybe add that a 16 year old is most certainly old enough to be home alone and even the 11 year old should be fine for a couple of hours a day after school.
  11. My husband works in the night shift (he is into Aviation) and i work in the regural morning shift. Both of us have decent paying jobs. But we get to see each other only during the weekends. I dont think I will plan for kids any time soon before my husband looks out for a day job.

    Snowbear, it depends on where you choose to live as well. The town I live in has a lot of baby sitters and they charge you reasonably. But for aged 9 and 13 a baby sitter woud not suit so you have to look for a accommodation and a school which has after-school activities. Many schools have the facility.

    My friend has a 11 year old daughter who goes to the near-by library after school until my friend picks her up. Just an option.
  12. My mom used to have a home-based "aftercare" for 1 or 2 private families. The kids went to school nearby my parents, and the children's parents would collect them from my parents house after work. I don't know how much my mom charged, but I assume it was less than a commercial establishment but I don't really know - that was almost 20 years ago! When the 'main' family she did this for's kids grew up, she stopped the aftercare service.

    So you might be able to make a private arrangement with a friend or neighbour you know and trust.

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