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Working for a US Company from within Canada, No Permit?

Discussion in 'Canadian Labour Legislation' started by edgeacef22, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. I have a potential job here in Canada for an insurance company who says they can pay me through their Texas office and so I won't need a Visa/permit, is this true? I'm worried about facing a potential issue crossing the border with my stuff and no work permit.
  2. Already answered. You are taking a job that a Canadian worker could fill. You will need a work permit at the very least and possibly an LMIA as well. Even if you were doing it for free, you would still require a work permit because you are impacting the Canadian labour market.
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  3. Well I asked again as I was confused, I saw another post here where somebody said you don't need a visa to work remotely for a US company while in Canada. While I know that is technically a little different, this company works entirely on the phone so I thought perhaps it would qualify. Either way thanks for the response.
  4. That's a very different scenario. In that case there was no Canadian presence of the company and it could have been work done from anywhere else. You are talking about the Canadian operation of the US parent organization. If you are employed directly by the US operation and having zero involvement with any Canadian components, you *might* be able to squeak through on this. That means working from home in complete isolation and with no local interaction.
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  5. I see, well that's enough info to go with thanks.
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    @zardoz Thank you. You pretty much solved my query too. Though, let me explain, if you have a better answer for me.

    I work for US employer (corporation) as a field service engineer while physically present in Canada. I am on post graduate open work permit. Performing operations (install, repair and maintenance) for several companies in Canada, which can only be filled by Canadian worker. Company is registered with CRA. However, "company does not have a physical address in Canada (non-resident employer)" and issuing T4 and canadian payroll for me and my colleague with US address on it. Whenever I do not go to site locations, I still have to work at home by maintaining inventory, generating reports and upcoming travel arrangements.

    However, when I created Express Entry profile. My work experience did not count as Canadian, just because of entering US address. CEC (Canadian Experience class) requirement has not met, which it supposed to be counted as Canadian Experience. Please help and advice me.

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