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Working for a Canadian company remotely without a Canadian citizenship or Permanent Reaidency


Jan 3, 2019
I’m currently working for a Canadian company inside Canada on a work permit which expires in 2 years. My PR application is in pending status. I have to move out of the country for one year due to a family emergency, but I don’t wanna quit my current job here. Is it possible to work remotely for a Canadian company from another country (which I hold the citizenship in) without holding a PR status or the Canadian citizenship?


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Mar 22, 2016
Sure you can work remotely although of course your work permit , irrelevant to work outside Canada, will still expire at some point and none of that work outside of Canada would count as Canadian work experience.

For clarification through which program are you applying in case there are considerations there with your plan ?


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Jun 18, 2017
It is really up to your company. It creates more complications for them. You would likely have to create a company if your home country and work as a consultant.