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work permit processing time NDVO

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Asia' started by manu.chan, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Hi

    is there anybody who has applied for work permit in INDIA or any idea how much time they take to process the work permit application.
    In CIC website they say 60 days but if anybody got in 30 days please reply.

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  2. Hi I had applied on February 17,2017. still have not received reply or update from them, processing time was 9 weeks when I applied currently its 11 weeks where as I am in 14 week.
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  3. Me to same ,i applied feb /21/2017 online in delhi,for work permit ..still no updates ,....If u guys ok..Please call my number ..We can talk more..Thanks,my number 00919497881878....
  4. Me to same ,i applied feb /21/2017 online ...still no updates ,....If u guys ok..Please call my number ..We can talk more..Thanks,my number
  5. Hi, I did apply on 24/04/2017 still haven't heard anything from VO. Do u guys have any update of ur case? Any correspondence will be highly appreciated.
  6. New delhi visa office time line pls

    Please share your time lines
  7. We have applied in PR in SINP program in last year. We had also completed our medicals on 9th June 2017. We submitted all documents & paid fees as per instruction in SINP Program. As per CIC portal it will take 3 months time after medical is done. It almost more than 3 months passed but still not get any final status about our PR file.

    I request you to guide me where can get I get proper reply or status of my file or if possible, would you please provide email id or contact number where I can get proper reply.

    Please help me out sir.

    Thanking you.
  8. Hi

    Wp applied online aug 2017

    Meds in nov and submitted

    After that no reply from ndvo.

    Pls share ur time line

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