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Work permit issued with 20 days validity only

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by nups1991, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. Hi,

    I applied for work permit of 2 years through my company. I received the visa stamped yesterday but the validity is only till September 30th, 2018. Where as other people's visa is valid for 2 years. Could it be a mistake from CHC? If so, how can I get it corrected and if not what can be done next? Can I travel to Canada and file an extension from there in a week's time? Appreciate quick response.
  2. Check when does your passport expires. And what type of work permit did you apply under as? LMIA?
  3. Category mentioned in passport is W1.. and my passport is valid till 2025.
  4. Do you received a work permit approval letter from IRCC? It should tell you how many years the work permit is approved for which you will need to get the actual physical work permit when you arrive in Canada.
  5. Yes I received, that also has same validity period :(
  6. Then its most likely a mistake from IRCC, you should email them and ask.
  7. Ohhhh.. but I applied through an agency tied up with my company.. can I directly mail them.. and where to mail?
  8. There is no mistake. The work permit will be issued by CBSA when you enter Canada. The validity of the TRV has zero to do with the validity of your actual work permit.

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