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Work permit holders given preference over permanent resident‏


Jul 22, 2013
I have been working for an Indian company for last 12 years in various countries but mostly in US and India.

Then I became a permanent resident of Canada in April 2011. I requested them for a transfer to Canada and they transferred me to their Canada in August of 2012 and the addendum to the employment contract said it would be for 37 months and since I have been working on a Permanent Resident Status since then in Canada.

Now due to budget constraints, they want to terminate my assignment want me to relocate back to India. My wide skillset and experience in IT could be utilized to perform various active roles that are being filled by work permit holders.

Can they do this where they force a Canadian permanent resident to relocate outside the country and keep the work permit to the job which I am qualified and capable of.

Appreciate your help and guidance in how to deal with this matter.


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Jun 13, 2008
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So have you told them that you would rather like a transfer to another department rather than be transferred to India?

I assume when they got the work permits for the temporary workers, they advertised the jobs and were able to show that they found no qualified applicants. Are they still advertising these jobs in order to get LMOs? If they are, you could apply.

Otherwise you do of course have the option of looking for a job with another company.