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Work Permit application past processing time, lets connect here!!!

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by sunshinecanada, Jun 4, 2019.

  1. hi there. I hope the table will turn around at this time for you and hoping for your positive result. My IRCC office is UAE too with 21 weeks processing time, my app is 22 weeks already this week, no Medical request, no anything :(
  2. Hope so.. Let me know if you get any updates.. My email - jibinjohn824@gmail.com
  3. I also applied for work permit visa from pakistan on 7 of may and still waiting for positive reply
  4. I sure will, thanks. Goodluck to us.
  5. hi there, Pakistan is showing 10 weeks processing. Is that your IRCC office?
  6. Yes its shows 10 weaks but I send my passport to Abu Dhabi Canada embassy its almost near the 10 weaks
  7. hi, did you send your passport for visa stamping? or you sent your passport along with your application for work permit?

    If for visa stamping, I believe it will take 30 days or more, if for work permit application, then its more than 21 weeks.
  8. My agent sent mY passport for the visa stamping by courier on 7 of may and its delivers on. 9 of may 2019.. And what's about u
  9. so you got your Passport request already. Good for you. It will be done soon. I applied for Work permit and if you look at my signature, my app is at 22 weeks already.
  10. R u apply on line or on paper base
  11. I have applied online and no update yet since Day1, this is so frustrating :(
  12. Ohhh its very worst situation but don't worry God decided the best time for best decisions inshallah I hope soon u got the some positive news don't worry be just calm and praying
  13. thank you for your kind and encouraging words. Best of luck to you too and I hope you get your passport back anytime soon.
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  14. Apply work permit with lmia from outside Canada
    May-14 send documents from online
    May-16 passed biometric
    May-17 required additional document
    May-24 interwyou with my employer
    Until this time no update
    Iam applying from russia and prosses in Russia 6 week
    Can you tell me why so long prosses taking time
    Thank you
  15. Dishold,
    My company's immigration attorney applied online on 11th of February. And I'm still waiting without any timeline from immigration. It's 18 weeks already and they still checking my background. I'm from Russia

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