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work experince documents

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Jaimin gor, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. hello ,
    i have completed one year work experince as a teacher.
    can any one tell me what documents needed to show one year full time work experince?
    i am paid in cash.
    i have filled income tax return.
    pls help me.
  2. What kind of "teacher?" You posted this under the CEC class, and leave us to assume the work experience is in Canada. But I don't know any teachers in Canada that would get paid in cash. Did you get a T4? Note that in Canada, self-employment experience cannot be counted.

    Nonetheless - see the Proof of Work Experience section.
  3. i am in canada.
    but i have one year experince as a teacher in india.
    but in there i received my salary in cash.
    among that i deposited some amount in bank every month.
    on other side i have filled income tax return.
    can you guide me what documents needs to attache?
  4. OK, so it is foreign work experience, but the same rules apply. Did you read the link I provided before?
  5. yes, i was read the link.
    thank you.

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