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Work Experience Letters

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by CV User, Nov 8, 2008.

  1. Is it ok for me to write the Work Experience letter?

    I have the W2's, Paystub(s) and a Online Job Verifier list which states the salary, date of employment, job title and the company name.
  2. In my opinion, you should ask your employer to give you a letter, if you write on your own then who will be signing it?

    As I suggested in a earlier post, just get a general letter and say that you want to apply for home loan and they are asking for a letter from HR explaining my job, salary and work history etc. This way you will not disclose that you are applying for a PR. BTW, I did the same thing and there were no problems. The letter doesn't need to be in the name of Canadian Immigration/consulate, it can start with "To Whom it may Concern" and then your details.
  3. Home Loan, sounds good but I would be in trouble if they ask further questions.
  4. Well I am not sure what kind of trouble you are talking about, simply ask that I want to pre-qualify myself in a home loan and the bank is asking for a employment letter. There is no law that they must start investigating before they give you a letter and they don't know your situation so don't carry any guilt or worries when you ask for letter, you are same employee as Mr. John Smith working for that company.

    I was in the same boat man, I know what you are saying - but home loan should get you a letter without any troubles.

    Good Luck!!
  5. Are they going to ask me about the bank?
  6. The employer has no business asking about your financial situation. It is your private matter. I have had to get a letter like this and I just asked for a statement of my employment for the bank. What they write is basically so-and-so has been employed at this company full time as a your-occupation since day-month-year and is making $such-and-such per hour/week/month, whatever.
  7. Friends,

    Working experience letter for 4+ years means that i should have it at the time of sending application or it means to have such much experience when my file starts to process i.e. when i need to submit my documents with this experience letter?

  8. I echo what Leon said, they have no business for asking you why you need the letter for. You are not asking for any illegal work - all you are asking is to give you a legit letter.
  9. Thanks but friend i mean to ask that in this legitimate letter the experience of 4+ years should be achieved at the time of submitting the documents (when my case starts processing) or this experience should only have by the applicant before the date of application submission.
  10. There is no need to get the letter now. Get it when you submit your documents. On your application, you write whatever experience you have now since none of us can know the future.
  11. Well ok,

    I also decided to wait till the list of professions comes to public. Let hope for the best for all.
  12. Minimum is 4 years right? so it doesn't matter how many employers you were employed with?
    if you get more then 4, will they look into consideration if the points is less then 67?
  13. At the moment the cutoff is 67 points. You either have 67 points or you dont. No matter how close you are to 67 , if you don't have at least 67 points you would wasting your time
  14. Do you think it may go down in the future ?
  15. Wait for the new rules. The criteria for skilled might be quite a bit different. Maybe it will help you qualify and maybe not.

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