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Work Experience Letter Samples

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by _696_, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm at the moment gathering papers, paystubs and stuff from previous jobs i've done, and since for some of them i do not hold any experience letters and/or what i have are rather vague, I was wondering if anybody does have any samples they could provide me with which I could pick and take with me when going to this ex-employers so they can use as models, knowing they would probably just re-do some vague stubs if "I just let 'em do".

    If anybody does have one handy please post, only "good one¨I found on the net was this one, what do you guys think of it?

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  2. Thanks for share. this is great sharing. for all of us

  3. My pleasure, and if anybody does have some other samples or thjink this one's missing some stuff please by all means go ahead and post here!

  4. You could probably try these links:







  5. Wonderfull, thanks a lot!
  6. Your letter should also include benefits package, and don't forget to ask for business cards!

  7. Work experience references should:

    Detail work experience
    State skill sets where appropriate
    State performance standards
    These references are very useful for other businesses in the area of employment, because they define the job applicant's level of experience in a meaningful sense.

    The example below is from a retailer detailing work experience for a shop assistant. As you can see, the actual work and experience are clearly stated. This matters, because the other employer can also see what the candidate hasn't done in retail, like cash books, bank reconciliations, etc.

    Note the recommendation at the end of the letter. This is the basic reference.

    Business letterhead

    Our reference

    source : http://www.examplesof.com/business_letters/employer_letter_confirming_work_experience_and_performance.html
  8. Hello Everyone,

    I too would be applying very soon. Need to know should the duties be explained in bullet points, I do understands it looks neat but I doubt my employer would given in bullet points rather he would state generally in his own words about my conduct and duties and responsibilities.

    I am unable to get the work experience letter from my HR department nor from my immediate reporting manager since they would ask me the reason why I require it and I do not want to disclose my future plans as it may affect my present career prospects . In that case can I get this letter signed from a senior manager to whom I don't report but he is a person who runs the whole organisation and I think I know he would support me further with this letter besides this I have the proof of my appointment letter.

    Best regards,

  9. You all guys have been very helpful, and those samples of great help!

    If you guys dont mind, I could edit post #1 and quote your contributions on top of thread, let me know.

    Thanks a lot to all of you!
  10. Hi,

    What date should be mentioned on the letter since I am asking my previous employer (HR) to send me the letter.

    Please advise.
  11. Dear All, I have one document outstanding and currently in my profile it reads "Not Provided". It is the employment record for my spouse.

    I am the primary applicant and we are not claiming points for her past employment. We cannot obtain document from her previous employer to support her past employment. What should we do?

    I also suspect that I cannot submit my application because of this outstanding document. Should I just upload a note under this Document to explain the situation?

    Anyone encountered this?
  12. Apologies if this is a late reply
    Why not upload a note and explain the reasons why you cannot get the documentation
  13. Hi
    is there any difference between letter of employment and paystubs?

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