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Withdrawing Provident Fund (PF) amount in India

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by apara, Jan 25, 2018.

  1. Hi All,
    Apologies if this has been answered earlier, could not find the link.
    Has anyone experience withdrawing the PF money in India recently ie after the claim process became online. If so, approx how long does it take to credit the amount in your account and what proof needs to be given to establish that the person is going abroad so as to bypass the normal waiting time of 2 months after leaving the job? Does the CoPR document work or any other document needs to be given?

    Any inputs on this matter will be highly appreciated..Thanks!!
  2. I did partial withdrawal. It took me 6 days to get money credited in my account. I applied online and opted to partial withdrawal for medical reasons. No documents were required.
  3. Thanks for your reply!
  4. similar as above, but my claim was rejected because I did not submit form 15G and Pan Card photocopy. Raised claim a second time with both documents (self-attested). Took about 10 days to get the amount credited tax free.
  5. Thanks...but this form 15G is required if we do not want tax to be deducted..is this right or it serves some other purpose?
  6. yup, but in my case strangely, claim was rejected without it. Not sure why.
  7. Any1 withdrawn PF with reason as settling abroad ? Does this happen ?

    I am not able to see "Moving abroad" as a reason to withdraw PF while try to submit a claim for same ?
  8. Yes, i did a withdrawal from my PF citing immigration as a reason (had to provide copy of immigration visa )
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  9. Online or had to walk in EPFO office ?
  10. I would like to how this can be done ..if anyone has an idea about the process please help
  11. Hi, Did you do this 60 days after you left your job or during the 60 days period. I know that PF withdrawal can only happen after a 60 days period. So am checking if I can do it earlier. Thanks!
  12. Hi, can you please let everyone know if you claimed online or through EPFO office ? The online claim page doesn't have the "settling abroad" option to select while withdrawing PF. If possible please explain some details which would help many others. Thanks.
  13. Update : the process is different for PFs registered to a treasurer. For my case the treasurer was my company so I have to go through paper process (not via EPFO) submitting my documents to my company's finance department. I was not able to bypass 60 days waiting time, but you can ask anyone on your behalf to submit signed documents and the request will be processed. Funds were credited after 2-3 months to my account.
  14. Hello all,

    I landed in Toronto last year, I need to withdraw PF from India, I don't know how to fill form 15G ,
    If you have filled it , please share the procedure ,

    I don't what to fill in residential status ,estimated jncome.

    Thank you
  15. As far as I know form 15 is required if your pf is less than 5 years and this is to avoid tax deduction on money recieved.

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