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Winter Jan 2020 - International Students Community

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Pratt, Aug 1, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys,

    If you are a Winter Jan 2020 International student, lets gather here and get to know each other. I believe it is better to have some familiar people before starting our new life in a new place. Lets discuss our current stage doubts as well as future tips for travel to Canada.
  2. Hello

    I have completed m.pharm from India and 5 yrs working experience please suggest me some courses for Canada
  3. Anyone applied for Seneca 2020 Jan intake?
  4. Yup. I have applied for Business Analytix in Seneca on Jul 16th. Awaiting for some positive update.
  5. Applied for marketing management in Centennial and Algonquin for January, 2020. Any idea about how long do they generally take to accept or reject the offer? Applied in the first week of July.
  6. Applied for SCM at Seneca, waiting for offer letter.
  7. Visa application filed. Langara clg Jan 2020 PDD Accounting..
  8. I received LOA from St Clair. Anyone got the same?
  9. Hello everyone.

    I applied for Sport and Eventing Marketing at George Brown College, Jan 2020 intake. Anyone applied to this program college as well? I've read that they take some time to review and give a response about the offer.
  10. Anyone from northern college 2020 January intake ????
  11. Anyone applying for Langara for Jan2020 in an undergraduate program(associate of health science)???
  12. Filed application for visa for humber 2020 gbm... Biometrics done...how long it will take now ? Any idea... intake is jan 2020 .. applied on 5 th Aug biometric on 7 th medical done already in june
  13. Approx 20 days
  14. Okay i hope for my visa now. !
  15. Surely you will get visa god bless u

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