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Winter 2021 Intake: Student Visa


Dec 26, 2020
I am starting also on January 1 and sent my study permit application on July 21, completed biometrics on July 24. After that, bg check started. I checked the visa processing times website and it says 18 weeks. I hope that information is not correct. If it takes that much, in case of denial and reapply, I would be late. I should be in Canada by the first week of december for mandotary quarantine and to settle in before term starts.
Hi! did you get your study permit approval for Winter 2021 intake? How many weeks they took?

Mudasir sarrang

Star Member
Aug 9, 2020
Do online classes have any relation with delays... Like i haven't started online classes and i think because of this my visa is being delayed....
Applied 10th march in sds
Aip 19th August
No more updates till now...
Please let me know if you know any thing about this....