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will i get job right away in canada?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by tin, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Can anyone provide me information on apprenticeship, what fields are available, where training is given, what salaries are paid, etc.etc. I really want to explore the field 'careers in trade.' Any useful links are most welcome.

    An example of my labour -

  2. Generally you just go and find a job with the possibility of apprenticeship. Sometimes they will sign you up to apprentice right away, often they want you to work your probation time before they decide. The time you work there before you are signed up counts towards your apprenticeship. In AB each trade has it's own protocol, could be 3 or 4 years and during that time you go to school for each year for 8 to 12 weeks. The trades website in AB is at http://www.tradesecrets.gov.ab.ca/ and if you find a trade on there you think is interesting, you can look for job opportunities and salaries at http://www.jobbank.gc.ca/prov_eng.aspx?OfferpPage=50&Student=No
  3. If you like working outdoors, aren't afraid of bad weather, and can work long, long hours, I recommend you look at the work of electricity linemen. I wrote a report about their work, which is quite fascinating. and, from what I gather, pays quite well.
  4. Is there any options for professionals who want to immigrate to Canada to start completing some of this courses, classes, or licensing before they move???
    That'd make so much sense. I do not understimate or diminish blue collars job, but why would they let a PhD work as a janitor, it doesn't make any sense. Just get a janitor to be a janitor and a Doctor to be a Doctor. You don't put a english teacher to teach french? You don't make a firefighter deliver the mail right?.
  5. It isn't really the plan to hire somebody with a PhD to be a janitor but what happens is that the guy with the PhD who came in as a skilled worker without a job offer and then found out that there wasn't really a shortage in his field (should not happen so much anymore with the magic list of 38) or his education and experience did not really translate or he couldn't get licensed or he had just totally settled in the wrong town results in him not being able to get a job except as a janitor. Meanwhile, the janitor who is still sitting in old country trying to get a job offer and work permit in Canada can't get in because he can't get a work permit to work as a janitor if they can get PR's (PhD or not) to do it.

    As for studying before moving, it's absolutely possible. They'd have to do their research to find out what they need to do to get licensed and they can possibly get their hands on the material they have to study and start studying on their own. It's unlikely that somebody in old country will be offering classes on how to get licensed in profession x in Canada but in most cases you'd be able to find a class like that in Canada and possibly join one online.
  6. Yeah, the reason I asked is because I haven't found anything where to study or get licensed in the United States, I think it has to be once I get to Canada, I hope somebody would know something about studying abroad to get certified.
  7. An opinion found on the Edmonton Journal about the Canadian Dollar:
    Please post your comments.
  8. haw i can find work in canada
  9. This site is asking for international code below canadian code under postal code. What is this international code? Is it my home postal code? Putting any candian or home code is not accepted.
  10. I am a Bangladeshi.Waiting for visa stamp and want to move to Canada. Currently I am a Vice President of a local Bank at Dhaka. I am the deputy Head of a Division. I am an MBA from the University of Dhaka and has 20 years of Banking experience as a Credit Manager. But I know my experience would not be acknowledged by any canadian Bank. So I want to do warehouse job at $ 16 an hour. Is it available right now? Is it available as soon as I arrive in canada in Nov-Dec 2009? Is it available in Toronto? Please let me inform at : nasim15 @ gmail.com
  11. I want to know from the experienced seniors:

    01. Which province is best suited to the south asians (for weather reason)?
    02. Which province or city has comparatively better job prospect than other at the moment (blue color off course)?
    03. Which province/city is comparatively less expensive at the moment?

    I would mainly like to move to Canada to give my children world class education.

    Work, it may be blue color or white color, I do not really care.

    At the end of the day, the pay I receive, counts.

    So I need guidance/advice on the above issues.

    I am very good in driving and I enjoy driving also.

    What is the requirement of being licensed to be a Bus Driver?

  12. Just to add on this thread.

    I landed in canada when the economy was in down turn. I registered with all agencies, they all liked my resume - qualifications and experience but there was not job. Whenever i had an agency was taking people for example is RIMS. I contacted the agency and they asked me do you have canadian experience, I said I have worked in a public sectors in U.K as a Ward Clerk, Administrator and HR. all were 10 years experience in UK. They told me our clients are looking for people with Canadian experience. U.K. is an english speaking country, the job was sorting job how could they, I just blamed the economy.

    I was called for few interviews which I was sure if I was in UK I could have been hired but not.

    after 5 months in line I was refered to an organisation Focus for Ethnic Women, they help new immigrant integrate into canada labour, they break the bridge between the employer not trusting your qualification by giving you unpaid 5 weeks job training, 2 weeks searching for placement and 5 weeks attaching you for a placement with an organsation. I was lucky I got an attachment with a public sector, I really worked hard for those 5 weeks in their HR department and a positon came up in the Benefits which I applied and I was hired. I stayed for 7 months without work.

    There were factors that hindered me from getting Jobs as I couldnt drive, like one job i was offered in Guelph, Stratford , I just went for interviews to get smarter on canadian interview questions but i couldnts take them as I have a family to consider. If I was a lone without a family am sure on the 2nd month i could be working.

    At the moment Driviers Licence staff in ontario have been on strike since May / June and we do not know when they will resume but am greatful I am now working and Ontario is taking care of my Child subsidy for daycare!!!!!!
  13. Hello there,

    Hope my post finds you well,

    I am a Filipino currently working in Jordan (Middle East) as a driver for a very rich family.
    As part of my job, I also do garden work, supervise and follow up with the maintainance of the mansion.
    I am passionate about finding work in Canada. I look forward for working in either Toronto or Vancouver. Which city is more welcoming and which city is less strict in terms of procedures? How can I find an employer and what are the application procedures?

    Thank you very much,
    your help is appreciated :)
  14. Hi Tin,

    I just wanted to let you know, my neighbour and husband landed in February 2011 as skilled immigrant. The wife is a physician as profession and has practiced in her country for 6 years. She has decided to apply and start a nursing carreer at conestoga college. With his qualification and evaluation of carreer she has been excempted 2 years so she will only do 1 year and 4 months in school to get a nursing degree.

    She plans to practice nursing and then work on her profession while working as a registered nurse. With the husband I do not know his background but he works in a call centre to enable the family servive and then after the wife finishes to start working he will then work on his profession. I thought I could just give you an insight of what has happened to someone of your same level of career.
  15. It still does not sound right that a physician from another country has to study 1 yrs. + 4 months to become a nurse in Canada. She should be able to bypass the college and take an exam to get licensed as a nurse but if her English is not good or she needs to review the material, a college program will help her get through it more easily.

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