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Will company health insurance cover wife's delivery (who is on visitor visa) ?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by styler247, Aug 10, 2018.

  1. I'm a Canadian PR thinking of moving to Canada immediately (like within a month) and looking for a job there. My wife has Canadian visit visa, and is pregnant. Her estimated due date is February 7th 2019.

    I know that on visitor visa, the government won't cover my wife's health bill as she's on visitor visa. But what if I am able to find a job by November and bring my wife to Canada, will my employer cover my wife's health insurance, despite the fact that she'll be on visitor visa ?
  2. Best to check with your employer, but in most circumstances, no it won't. Employer coverage is generally only to cover those costs not covered by Government Health Care (top up) and only applies to those who already have public coverage.
  3. No - it won't.

    The employer health insurance covers items above and beyond what the provincial health care system covers. For example, employer health insurance will often partially cover things like dentist check-ups and prescription medications.

    Employer health insurance is not a substitute for provincial health care - it supplements provincial health care.

    You should also be aware that the majority of employer health insurance policies will not cover an individual until they have provincial health care coverage.
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  4. That's the case for my employer. They need to make sure that my husband has past the waiting period and is covered by the provincial health care before they can put him on my company's extended health care insurance.

    Employer health insurance (different from US) only covers what is not normally covered by provincial heath care (e.g. physio, dental, eye exams, glasses, RMT ...etc)
  5. What province are you moving to?
  6. I am open to all for now, as long as my wife's delivery can be dealt with.
  7. There are very few circumstances in which any kind of insurance plan you don't already have is going to cover your wife's delivery. In instances without a universal coverage mandate, pregnancy is often considered a "pre-existing condition." Possibly, you could deduct the costs on your taxes, if she is a dependent.
  8. You will have to look but I'm pretty sure Alberta covers the costs of deliver for spouses on visit visas if they establish themselves in Alberta (please doublecheck). You will have to spend a certain amount of time in the province to consider yourself established as a newcomer. You will have to look at each province but Ontario and BC are definitely out.
  9. No matter what you do, check with your employer ahead of time.
  10. Alberta covers only if the spouse has already been added to the PR application as a dependent.

  11. You also must remain in Alberta, you just can't leave after delivery. Would be best if you verify with the Alberta health program. Also will you be able to find a job in Alberta. You don't remain in Alberta for a certain amount of time you could be asked to repay the costs.

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