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Will a US ban affect Canada immigration

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Obiageli, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. Can a permanent USA ban which was given 11years ago on account of falsifying a document affect someone's chances with EE.
  2. A permanent ban? Most likely, yes. But we're not immigration lawyers so we can't say for certain. Your best bet is to consult proper legal counsel.
  3. I've already gotten ITA and I'm declaring that I was refused an immigrant visa and also banned and I'm telling the story without hiding anything. The 60 days for submission of application after ITA is too short to start looking for an immigration lawyer. Aside from the ban, my record is clean. I heard that USA bans expire aft
  4. As I said, we're not immigration lawyers, so whatever anyone replies here is speculative. But, regardless it will affect your application; to what extent nobody knows.

    Just make sure you're entirely open, honest and do not misrepresent the situation. Good luck!
  5. It will not be an issue provided you are 100% honest in your Canadian immigration application and provided you have no criminal charges related to this incident.
  6. My friend lied when he applied for PR and said he wasn't ever denied a visa, but guess what? They found out because 11 countries share the immigration database with each other and you can't simply lie. But regarding how they will react on ban I am not sure but if i'm not wrong they may raise concerns depending on the nature. Try talking to Cohen's team.
  7. As scylla said, provided you fully declare the ban, it is not a reason for refusal.
  8. My sister is in the same situation. Have you gotten your PR?
  9. Not yet , still waiting

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