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Why not Vancouver ??

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Noramoda, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. Hi guys, i have a very peculiar question on my mind.. why are the majority of the immigrants moving to Toronto and not other places.. what about Vancouver, even though the weather conditions there are suitable, why is that not a popular choice ? Anyone ever wonder ?
  2. Most expensive city to live in in Canada. It also is relatively small with not the same amount of job opportunities as some other places. Encourage people to consider other cities versus just Toronto, Vancouver, Calargy and Montreal.
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  3. But if one is being offered a job there in a good multinational national, wouldn't it be a good choice particularly for the concerned person ?
  4. Also any idea about the difference in Schooling ? Between Toronto and Vancouver, also in terms of teaching the kids a 2nd language like french
  5. Loads of people DO go to Vancouver and surrounding areas. Canada is a HUGE place with a lot of cities. Toronto and Vancouver are the priciest cities in Canada as regards property. A lot of smaller cities people don't seem to think of, like London, Windsor, Kingston, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax, Regina, Ottawa etc.

    Schooling much of a muchness across Canada. All teach French as a second language. Some schools are 'French immersion' (one a few hundred yards from me in London!).

    The closest to a truly bi-lingual city would be Ottawa or Montreal if either of them float your boat.
  6. Really depends how much you will be making as a family yearly. Whether you have daycare or childcare costs on top of it. Harder to get French immersion in BC and would imagine many families in Vancouver (and Toronto I guess but to a lesser degree) are putting their kids in Mandarin classes. You have to enter a lottery to receive French immersion in many areas of the GTA as well. The real estate market and the influence of offshore undeclared money in general makes Vancouver tough for many young families.
  7. Here, I will talk about the school system in Alberta (cities such as Red Deer, Calgary, and Edmonton), which are on the basis of religion (either Protestant or Roman Catholic. Individual property owners who are not Roman Catholic must direct their property taxes to the public school district.
  8. The reason Catholic based education is funded in Canada has a very long history in this country. One day each province will hopefully save money and only fund secular education but don’t think we are there yet. The number of school boards in large metropolitan areas is nuts and lots of money could be saved by eliminating duplicate administrative cost and centralizing things plus eliminating many of the school board members.
  9. Other than Alberta, do Catholics in other provinces have this option to fund schools of their belief?
  10. No in Canada Catholic schools are the only ones who receive funding. Perhaps some provinces have given small amounts of subsidies but other religious schools are private. It goes way back to when Catholics were the minority and they were given assurances that their ability to educate in Catholic schools would be protected. Simplified explanation of course.
  11. So Alberta is the only province that a non-Catholic homeowner cannot direct their property taxes to the Catholic school boards.
  12. Haven’t looked up all the provinces. Property taxes are such a small portion of education budgets that mainly come from the provinces.
  13. Some extra info. I know many teachers in Ontario that have gotten baptized and started attending church because getting a teaching job can take years. Being able to teach in the Catholic board allows for more opportunities. There have also been teachers who have been asked to leave some schools if they don’t meet the teachings or moral standards that the church requires like being common law, being LGBTQ, etc. Funnily enough the previously most Catholic province, Quebec, is now the most secular. There was pushback because the Catholic Church was too involved in everything in Quebec.

  14. Vancouver is the easiest place to survive coz of its weather.

    Homeless ppl r easily surviving there, hence its the best place to move.

    You can be employed for 12months in Vancouver as opposed to 6-8 months at other places.
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  15. Most people don’t work in seasonal employment and work 12 months a year. Vancouver may be attractive to the homeless because of the weather but the large homeless population also proves that affordable housing is difficult to come by in Vancouver.

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