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Why isn't the sales tax included in the price labels?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by estcan, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. The tiping really perplexes me.

    The owner of the restaurant pays less than a minimum to their servers.

    and then the clients are expected to pay the other half? What?
    If they don't, servers get mad and call them cheap and hearthless, as they can't make the living without the tip.

    It doesn't make any sense.
    Thinking to make similar video to sales tax about the tiping culuture, to help me figure out that weirdness.
  2. Maybe in the US..

    Here in Canada you still have to pay at least minimum wage to your servers and then they make tips. But a good waiter makes way more than minimum wage anyway..
  3. Thats why customer service is so big here. When I came at first it was a bit suffocating, but now i expect it.
  4. In that case, it's not fair. How come other minimum wage earners (such as salesperson in a boutique) don't get tips?
  5. Thats life. If you don't want to earn minimum wage, get educated.
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  6. Life is not fair.. Steaky. Bill Gates already told us years ago.

    but as a waiter you can make some decent money. Went for dinner last night to a top restaurant in Vancouver. Tipped the waiter $40..well worth it.
  7. Watch out before you claim that Canada is better than the US here! For example, this is the situation in Ontario:

    General Minimum wage: $14.00
    Liquor servers minimum wage: $12.20

    The Liquor servers minimum wage applies to "employees who, as a regular part of their employment, serve liquor directly to customers, guests, members or patrons in licensed premises and who regularly receive tips or other gratuities as a part of their work."

    So the Ontario system has tipping engrained into their minimum wage laws!
  8. Where did I claim Canada is better??? But now that you mention it..it sure is!
  9. No doubt it is in general :) I just thought you were implying that Canada is better than the US with regards to minimum wage for tipping jobs.
  10. Agree, its definitely better for ppl who cant get green card or us citizenship.
  11. However, a friend of mine always tipped her sales lady at the luxury brand handbag boutique.

    ... The tip was well worth it in that special late night we crossed the border together from the US, as she was requested by the CBSA to provide a proof of purchase that the bag was purchased in Canada, otherwise she would have to pay duties to get her bag back... She phoned the sales lady and got the proof on her cellphone afterwards. Showed it to CBSA and off we continued our road trip.
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  12. Hi folks,

    What about delivery? Do we need to tip the delivery guy, and how much?
    And take-out (come, order, take home all by oneself)?
  13. Just curious, is there a code name for Canadian PR card, like green card for US one? Pink card maybe, as I see from Google photos?
  14. It's called "greenish" card.

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