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WHP Health Insurance for 2 years


Jan 25, 2012
Hi All...

I'm an Aussie looking to get health insurance as stipulated by the WHP. It's very confusing as the website outlines that you must have valid health insurance for the duration of your stay in Canada (2 years), however all quotes I can find are for 1 year only.

Failing this, I'm expected to re-apply (can't even extend) for my visa upon the expiration of my health insurance in Canada.

Has anyone found a provider who does insurance for 2 years? Or is there a provider I can pay a monthly premium to in Canada and therefore not have to prepurchase the insurance?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Cheers :)


Feb 4, 2012
Hey mate

Im in a similar boat. In Canada since 2010. I bought insurance before i came from onecover.com.au i'm pretty sure. Was only able to get hold of a one year policy, which could be extended for another year while over there as long as i did it before the policy ran out. I did end up extending it another 6 months with no worries.

I entered the country by plane to Vancouver. Probably the same for you, the Aussies love it out west. Had all my paperwork together, and it all went through smooth. The travel insurance printout was only saying i was covered for one year but it wasnt an issue, she gave me my 2 year WHP.

Not sure if things have tightened up since. I personally think its just who you get and whether or not theyre having a bad day.

Anyway so long story short you could just blow in and take a chance, i mean every single other one of us that comes across walks through the gate in the same position really, as 1 year of cover is pretty standard all-you-can-get. Or if you really want, i saw on the lonelyplanet page the other day that theyre recommending a company which offers travel insurance up to 18months (think the company was called worldnomads)..... not sure

Dont buy insurance from a canadian company, it is one of the biggest scam industries in this country. search some rough quotes, you`ll see that they pay about twice as much here than if you get it from an AUssie insurance provider. The insurance industry here isnt as regulated as in AUs and Canada in general is a bit like Aus was 20years back in that they think that market competition is a bad thing - theres a lot of collusion and crooked industries that are still able to exist because of this - so long as they pay the right amount of money into the right crooked politician, theyre permitted to carry on ripping off the consumer. Insurance is one of these crooked industries, and also the telecommunications industry is a big culprit too - you'll get a big shock at how retarded the cell phones are here hey and the price scams wowee

Anyway sorry to ramble, i'd just get the one year policy from an aussie provider, just make sure it has the option to extend once over there. best of luck with it.


Hero Member
Jan 11, 2011
Just FYI there's 2 year policies that you can obtain without any problems. It's true that whether or not you will get a full visa or shortened one will depend on the visa officer. Worst case scenario is that you will have to purchase an add on at the POE to make it a full two years.

Should you become eligible for the provincial coverage the refund might be available as well. There is a link with comparison of companies who offer 2 year policies.

<a href=http://arbetovinsurance.com/iec-travel-insurance/>IEC 2 year insurance plans</a>