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Which should I apply first, degree program or OSAP?

Discussion in 'Education' started by rcab, May 15, 2018.

  1. Hello here. This is regarding about OSAP and my plan to study further. Me and my family landed in Ontario, Canada on May 2016 but I need to go back to my place overseas to finish my work/project, my wife and son stays in Canada. This July I will settle in Canada permanently and I want to take masters degree. I know I'm qualified for OSAP since my wife has been living there for 2 years.
    I want to get an answer from those who experienced this, what should I do first, apply the masters degree program or apply for OSAP?
    And also since the deadline for the master degree program for the fall term has passed, I can only apply for the winter term. Do I also need to apply for OSAP now or wait for a few months before the winter term start?
    Thanks for those who can share their idea on this.
  2. You can only apply for asap after you have been admitted to a program. OSAP doesn't care that your wife and child has lived in Canada. You qualify as a PR. You also could show your own tax documents because you are a resident for tax purposes if your family is in Canada.

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