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which prvince would be best, can you please suggest?

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by Georgy, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Hi.. Though I am an electrical engineer, but I have shifted my career path to work in project management. I have 3 yrs experience working in telecom only. Recently I have applied for FSW and at a very initial stage of it. However, at one point i need to choose which province I want to be in? My questions are:

    (1) Is it that if I select Ontario, I have to reside in Ontario? Can I move to any other province after PR?
    (2) Since I have shifted my career to project management and have an MBA now, Can anyone suggest any city whose living cost would be cheaper within Ontario?
    (3) I do have mental preparation to pursue a higher diploma or masters as suitable if i get the PR, would it then help find a job?

    Actually have lot of questions in mind. Lolz. Please any of your expert suggestion will be benefiting.
  2. For FSW, you can select any province except Quebec and you may land in any province except Quebec, even if is it not the same province you wrote on your application. After landing as a PR, you are free to move to any province you want, including Quebec.

    I suggest you research the job market where you are considering settling down. Getting a Canadian degree would certainly make it easier for you finding a job but you have to keep in mind that you don't settle down in one city and stay there forever. If you can't find a job there, you have to look outside your city and province and be ready to move. That's what Canadians do.
  3. I heard st Catherine's in Ontario is a decent place. BC is expensive.. cheap in Alberta however!

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