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Which province it is easy to get PR, Qubec, Ontario or Alberta

Discussion in 'International Students' started by kapil098, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Hello to all. I hope you are doing well. I need some guidance as i got admission for M.Eng in Electrical engineering in University of Carleton, University of Concordia and University of Calgary. I have done my bachelors in Electronics with one year experience. I want to know which province is feasible for me in terms of getting a PR and Job ratio. I heard that Qubec immigration is quite easier as compared to Express Entry. Please help me guys. Thank you
  2. If you can speak French, you can go to Quebec.
  3. No bro i am not familiar with french language
  4. Can't rely on MIDI here. Primitive system
  5. Sorry bro i didn t get ur point. What are u trying to say?
  6. MIDI is provincial immigration authority of Quebec
  7. Ok bro other than qubec like ontario or alberta?
  8. Ontario is still better. Others can shed more light
  9. Look for what jobs are available in your professional field in the province. If there are no jobs, there's no point in investing your efforts.
  10. I think you should focus on the quality of study. You'll get PR anywhere if you get a job after your course. I think Calgary is a really good Uni. But you should check which one has a better electronics department or in which Uni you get more opportunities related to your field

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