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Which documents help to prove that the sponsor will return to canada once the applicant is given PR

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by Makram76, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. My wife is sponsoring me and we reside outside of canada, and we intend to go once my PR is issued. we got a procedural fairness letter that we need to satisfy a visa officer that my wife (sponsor) will relocate e in canada.
    So how to prove our intention
  2. Search this forum for "proof of intent to return" - there are many many threads discussing this.
  3. Thank you khp. I gathered the following documents: 2 emails from employers confirming that my job application has been recieved, emails between us and the landlords of residential apartments that we looked at (screen shots), 2 letters from friends confirming that theh will help us settle in once we reach Canada and stay at their houses for a short time, an email of inquiry obtained from the cicic about getting our degree equivalencies, 2 emails of inquiries regarding car rentals in the city we are going to. Is this enough evidence?
  4. I can't tell you that. With a procedural fairness letter, now is the time to provide much much more proof than less.
  5. What do you suggest more documents?
  6. Search this forum and see what other people have provided.
  7. I kindly thank you so much
  8. Resignation letters from current employment is another popular one. Your wife can always return to Canada a bit early if you haven’t received your PR yet.
  9. - Letters or support from friends and family.

    - Offers of a place to stay while you establish yourself in Canada.

    - Quotes from shipping companies for goods you wish to return to Canada with.

    - Resignation letter to your employer.

    as others have said, you can search here and have a better look. These are just some that we used when applying.
  10. Start transferring money/assets to Canada.
  11. In our application I just wrote a letter that stated on acceptance of a PR Visa I would move to canada and what I would do to do that such as selling car, resignation from work etc but would be working and owning cars right up to the day of acceptance as we needed the money before leaving. On acceptance we would sell everything and move just before winter.

    They never questioned this letter or our plans stated in the letter
  12. Did you obtain your PR and if yes how long did it take to get it?
  13. It really also depends on how long you have been out of Canada. The longer you have been away the more proof needed.
  14. it took 13 months.
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    I(sponsor) have been away from Canada since 2005, I only stayed for about 1 year in 2011, 13 out of 14 years away... The only proof we provided was a letter from my brother that we will be staying with him once we arrive in Canada, a cover letter telling CIC about my past, current situation, what I will do once I get to Canada(my plans) and some emails from a conversation I had with a school for my child education. I never provided a resignation letter from my current employer.

    PA passed her eligibility 10 days ago, so I guess we satisfied the officer with what we provided... Just because it worked for us, it does not mean it will work for others, it's cases to case... So, provide whatever proof you could gather. This was the only thing I could provide for proof.

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