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Where to upload my police certificates?


Jan 21, 2020
Ok, here's my problem

I have my Korean police certificate, but I lived in the USA from 2015~2017 because I had a college to finish.
Naturally I had to apply for the FBI Identity History Summary.

I got my invitation waaay earlier than I expected and I was dumb enough to not know that I could apply it online (even if I am a foreigner) and get it much sooner, let alone to get it prior to applying into the Working Holiday pool. So I applied through mail which takes around 2~4 weeks, and the office just received it today with my document deadline closing in 10 days.

It looks like my only option now is to submit my letter of explanation and documents to prove that I have applied for the FBI Identity History Summary.

But I am not sure whether I should upload my letter of explanation and postal documents together with my korean police certificate or to upload it separately as an optional documents.

I would really appreciate if someone who's familiar with this process could help me.