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Where to send passport from USA for Canadian Temporary Resident Visa (visitor visas)?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by zetret, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. I received a request to send my passport. The request asked me to visit canada.ca/submit. There, when I selected United States of America, it presents three options - one is to submit to the CPC-Ottawa, and the others to VAC-New York and LA.

    When I go to the CPC-Ottawa website, it says you accept "Temporary Resident Visa applications from within Canada" or "Permanent Resident Visa applications from Canada or USA". I am clearly applying for a "Temporary Resident Visa application from USA and not from within Canada". Therefore, the two instructions above are contradictory. Which is correct? Can I mail my passport to CPC-Ottawa and will it be processed?

    The VAC centre looks like it has a fee to process my application, but it does not state how much this is (contradicting two different 30 something dollar rates mentioned in the website). However, the CPC-Ottawa related instructions, does not include any service fee. Does this mean there is no service fee if I submitted to CPC-Ottawa?

    And finally, how do I check the status of the submitted passport to CPC-Ottawa? And how do I know if it has been shipped back to me? Will there be any notifications? How long does it take?

  2. Please send it to Vac ny or la they have the tracking. I sent recently to ottawa. I am having hard time to get status. Passport delivered on 4th October and no update yet
  3. It is not contradictory at all. Ottawa issues TRVs for apps from within Canada. Your app is not from within Canada, therefore you do not qualify to submit to Ottawa.
  4. Well, if you went to the link in the original post, and selected United States, there it clearly says (Under Option 1), that I can send it to Ottawa. That's why it's contradicting (compared to what it says in CPC-Ottawa's website, which has probably not been updated in a while).
  5. Thanks, did you send a temporary resident visa application or anything else?
    Also, I assume you didn't send any service fees to them?
    What is the service fee for VAC? I see a couple of rates and am confused which is right.
  6. Still not contradictory. It is generic information to cover the submission of all apps, not specific to TRV apps. Some apps from the US can be submitted to Ottawa, like PR apps, hence why Ottawa is listed as an option. When you click on the Ottawa page, it then clarifies which apps they accept.
  7. It is clearly contradictory BECAUSE if you clicked on any other country in the link in the original post, it doesn't show the CPC-Ottawa as an option.
    1) In the link, it says TRV applications can be sent to CPC-Ottawa.
    2) In the CPC-Ottawa page, it doesn't list TRV applications from USA.
    1 and 2 are contradictory. Either learn the meaning of contradictory or piss off.
  8. You can send your passport to Ottawa without any fees. Just return label from Fedex needs to be included.
    If you dont have urgency and cheaper option send the package through USPS to Ny or LA VAC centre. But they are printing the passports fast for thepassports received from the VAC centres
    I thought they will print the passport soon when i send it to ottawa directly. But i am wrong, Its been more than week now and no information from them yet.

    Please find more info here

    VAC service fee please visit there site,.
  9. Thank you!
    Was your application for a "Temporary Resident Visa"?
  10. Yes TRV
  11. Okay thanks! I will send the VAC service fee to the Lockbox and then send the passport to VAC New York. On their website, they say VAC NY may have a 10-15 business day processing time as well! (Under the Application Processing Times tab) and I think the current service fees is $37.89. Hope that's the correct amount!
  12. The link you provided doesn't work, genius...

    Ottawa isn't an option for any other country besides the US and Canada, so of course it isn't listed.

    Provide the actual link that states that TRV apps from the US can be sent to Ottawa. Or piss off...
  14. So, Ottawa is not a generic option then, which proves my point.
    That link in the original post DOES WORK. Maybe it doesn't work for ignorant maniacs like you.
    If you didn't access the link, you didn't have information to answer the question - and you still wasted time and resources to send your stupid responses? What a moron!
    You haven't got any experience of applying for this particular visa if you didn't even know the link, so you are NOT qualified to answer this question anyway. So, piss off, you ignorance scumbag freak troll.
    Others have already answered my question productively already, which proves again, you are a worthless scumbag.
  15. OP is the one who told me to piss off first, so send your warning that way.

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