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When can I submit 2013 FSWP class application

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by pankajjalan2001, Dec 1, 2012.

  1. Group,

    I am getting ready with my application under FSWP. Wanted to know when would CIC start accepting application for 2013? How would I know that they have started accepting application?

    Please let me know.
  2. Hi

    When they announce that the FSW is re-opened. You will probably need new forms, and if you education wasn't in Canada, you are going to need your educational credentials assessed.
  3. Hi
    I agree with PMM, so What doc's have you got until now ?
  4. Certainly preparing documents in advance is advisable, since we THINK what will happen is that CIC will re-open FSW in the early part of next year, and there will be no specific work experience or in-demand occupation list. I believe it's going to be at least one year's experience in ANY occupation which is type 0, A or B.

    And of course you will need to meet the minimum points requirement, and strong rumours are there will be a minimum language score.

    But all we've had is tweets and rumours so far. Nothing has been officially announced.

    Whatever is announced, you will certainly need full educational certificates (University transcripts must be in a sealed University envelope), work experience letters and language test results (IELTS or equivalent). Since IELTS can be up to 2 years old when they are submitted it's certainly worth getting that done now.

    Once the FSW is "open" again there will likely be a single cap, perhaps 10,000 or even less, and it is likely that will fill up in a matter of weeks, perhaps even days.

    So it's certainly going to be a scrabble when it opens! Those getting accepted will be those who are most prepared and those who can act quickly and timely to the announcement that the cap is open.

    Eventually the system is reputedly going to be replaced with an EOI (expression of interest) system where Canadian employers chose applications from a pool, however that is unlikely to be in place before the end of 2014.

  5. One quick question. For year 2013, those applicants who got their Bachelors from outside Canada, but got their Masters from a Canadian University, will still need to get their educational credentials assessed? Any idea ?
    I hope those would not need to go through education credentials assessment who already have got degrees from Canadian Universities !!!
  6. Thank you everyone, would someone advise me how i should assess my ACCA (UK)degree ? Should i request ACCA uk to sent document to selected Evaluation agency in canada or they will send me and i will send to selected credential assessment agency ? please advise.

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