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What shall I input for contacts info?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by bricksonly, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Is a hotel name and address OK? Do I have to have someone's name on it and specify relationship with him/her?
  2. Hotel address would be fine.

    If you have a Canadian host, that would be better especially if it is a relative/family member
  3. Thx. My sister's family will visit BC, but I am in Ontario. How can I input info of myself but they actually won't visit me?
  4. that shouldn't matter, if you are providing an invitation letter then they can put your info. There is no restriction on where they can go.
  5. They had visited us in 2015 and actually their Canadian visitor visa is still active. The reason they have to apply for visa is their passports will expire in Dec and they already renewed the passport. As they have visited Canada in past five years, there is a simple way to apply without any supporting document. They also have valid US b1/b2 until 2025.
    If they again to attached a letter saying visiting me, it's a little bit weird though. What's your advise?
  6. If they are visiting before december they can bring along old passport which has valid canada visa along with new one.
  7. till what date the canada visa is valid in old passport? December i guess?
  8. I dont think Canada visitor visa works this way. US b1/b2 works. I need to verify this for them. Thx. But I am also wondering if it's possible to renew Canada visitor visa during it's validation but with a new passport.
  9. Refusals are possible if applicants apply for new TRVs many months in advance.

    Your relatives can travel using their current TRVs right up to the expiry date stated. They must carry both passports. TRVs in old, cancelled passports continue to remain valid until the expiry date stated in those TRVs
  10. TRV expire in December, 2018, on old passport, US b1/b2 expire in June, 2025, as well. Plan to visit both country in August with new passport. So you mean if they apply for new TRV, they could face refusal? If this happen, how about the old TRV, will be cancel at the same time?
  11. IMO, it would be a mistake to apply for new TRVs in August. There will be no problems if they travel in August on the current valid TRVs which expire in December. They need to travel with both passports. IRCC/CBSA allows this
  12. How about if they submit new TRV application right now? There is a new regulation that after July 1st, all new TRV applicants will have to get a new bio-collect which cost money and time. I mean, if they MISTAKENLY applied and refused, will the old one be cancelled and rejection recorded for future application?
  13. Again, their new TRV applications are likely to get refused if they apply so many months in advance.

    This regulation is not for all nationalities. It is only for some nationalities.

    Yes, their old TRVs will be cancelled.

    All your questions have been answered several times before in this thread
  14. OK I got it. So the best way to apply for new TRV is after the expiration or very close to expiration, say 1 to 2 month in advance?
  15. One month or thereabouts before their current TRVs expire. They need to apply for the new TRVs from their home country/outside Canada

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