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what is the review of HUMBER COLLEGE.....

Discussion in 'Education' started by vishal parmar, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Hi Sudharshan99,
    I'm also interested in Supply Chain Management in Humber Sept 2013 intake. I mailed them and they told me you start a job as Supply Chain Analyst entry level.
  2. hello guys
    am a b.tech(ECE) graduate from Hyderabad(INDIA).
    am planning to do diploma in canada and applying for jan 2014.
    i have shortlisted two colleges
    George Brown college and Humber college .
    am totally confused abt selection of the college.
    i need some suggestions.which is better college in matters of job placement and reputation.
    which of the following courses have good scope in canada ?
    Electro mechanical engg in george brown college
    Electronics engg technician at HUMBER
    plz help

  3. hi kriti,
    even I have take GBM in humber college and did u got ur visa
  4. Global Business Management pogramme at Humber College

    Hello friends, I have done B.com & LLB and I want to apply for Global Business Management programme at Humber College will this course suits me. Can anyone guide about the utility of this course and the reputation of this college. If possible also guide me about the job prospects after completing this course.
  5. Humber is good for newcomers and it's very loud name. :) . At the same time Applied Technology department is weak. George Broun could offer you better courses and academic background. I'm not talking about personality of the teacher. I'm talking about your future knowledge. Want to admit, if you compare Hamber, George Broun and Ryerson, I choose Ryerson.

    hey i want to about humber collage .. i m going for web development program .. is humber collage is the best or not ??? should i go for that collage or not ???
  7. hi all,

    I m thinking of apply Computer Programmer Diploma course in Humber College. Here is the link - http://www.humber.ca/program/computer-programmer May I know a few questions?

    1. how long is four semester? Is it 2 years?

    2. Will I be eligible for post grad work permit after graduating from this course?

    Thank you.

  8. Hello guys !
    I'm Planning to apply to humber colg for 3d animation course . Just wanted to know how good the course is and what's the job opportunities after that.

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