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What does it mean to be a naturalized canadian citizen?

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by toledo, May 18, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    If I become a canadian citizen, will I be considered as a naturalized canadian citizen?

    Can some one define what is "naturalized Canadian citizen"? and who are considered to be naturalized canadian citizen?

  2. HI

    1. A naturalized citizen is a person who does not receive citizenship through birth or parental descent, the become a PR and then after 3 years of residency in a 4 year period apply for citizenship.

  3. Thanks alot. Real appreciate that.
  4. I just want to check that my wife got PR through her parents but she stayed almost 6 years in Canada and studied there.. when she was 20, she applied for Citizenship and went through test and naturalization process. I understand that if you become citizen after 18 years and went through the process, you consider as first generation, i read under ehow.com website about this in "facts_6820852_citizenship-immigration-canada.html" and guide me if my understanding is correct.
  5. Sorry, I have the same question but not really understanding. I immigrated with my parents to Canada when I was 5. Since I didnt apply for citizenship I simply tagged along with my family, does that make me NOT a naturalized citizen?
  6. Generally, if you qualified for Canadian citizenship at birth, then you are not considered naturalized. If your family was Canadian and just moved back to Canada when you were 5, and you were a Canadian citizen by birth, then you're not naturalized. If your entire family immigrated when you were 5, and you became a citizen later when you qualified, then you are naturalized.

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