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What After The File Received

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by nasar_peace, Dec 18, 2016.

  1. Dear Friends, Thanks a lot for your very helpful messages during the documents collection and file preparation. I sent my complete file(Application) 2 weeks ago through courier service and it was delivered. Now what is next? When will they E-mail me? Should I wait for their official reply? Will they reply me by E-Mail or by postal address? Kindly tell me because I know that lot of you have gone through this initial process. Waiting here.

    With Kind Regards,
  2. Hello

    If your documents are compete and are accepted you should get a file number by post, in my case i got it 3 weeks later some got it couple of months later it depends.

    Good luck
  3. Thank you very much for your very helpful and kind reply, Mr.Mike. Just 3 days ago I received message from my bank that fee money was taken by Canadian immigration office. Does it mean my application is accepted for process? Which address will they use to send me my file number?

    With kind regards,
  4. You are welcome, yes that is good news if they cashed your check it usually means your file is open.
    They will send the file to the mailing address in your application
  5. Hi, are you talking about the PR processing, please? Is this after Work Permit approval?
    Tk u.
  6. Hi this is Quebec file number no not PR processing
  7. Thank you for your infomation. Happy new year to you!

  8. Thank you same to you

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