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What about processing time for canada visitor visa from India if we applied online..

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Gibin thomas, Dec 11, 2019.

  1. I applied visitor vvisa Canada in Nov 22 and did biometrics in Nov 29..but not get any reply yet.my wife and kid got pr and so I need to arrange accomdation and daycare kid for applied visa..is any possibility to get visa..I got one month leave from bank for this purpose.
  2. I am in Canada on closed work permit and I applied visitor visa for my family on 19th November from India, submitted biometric on 21st November.
    Got Acknowledgement email on 3rd of December. Now I am waiting for final decision.

    Have you got "Visitor acknowledgement Letter" email after submitting email? If yes when got this email.
  3. I did not get any acknowledgment letter
  4. You submitted your application online or paper based ?
    I confirmed with many people they also got acknowledgement letter in few day after application submission.
  5. Same problem I applied online for student visa I had done my biometrics on 28th-November still didn't get any acknowledge mail from cic what should I do??
  6. Where you applied? India ? I applied from delhi for my wife.
    Acknowledgement letter clearly mentioned that we started working on your application now.

    I hope you guys will get it soon.
  7. yeah from India but I didn't get any mail or request for passport my college is starting from 6th of January so I don't have enough time
  8. Normally processing time is 12 days know?
  9. Yes some people in my office got it in less than 12 days also. But that is an average time.
    Last time when I applied visitor for my family (they got only one year visitor visa) they got it in 5 days only.

    So my personal and friends experience is if you get visa in 12 days then well and good otherwise they may take some time like month or so from India.
  10. Can you check your application or spam mail. An acknowledgement should be generated within first couple of days. Consider reaching out to them over phone or web form to check why it has not been generated
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  11. There is nothing in mail last update was 6th December says medical exam passed but nothing else I don't have enough time plus my jr was with me same day for biometrics she got her visa days ago I don't know why my application is being late

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