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Wes verification

Discussion in 'Education' started by Chaudharyritu, Jul 23, 2019.

  1. I have done mba executive from amity school of distance learning, noida. And i did my eda from wes, but they did not considered it. Is there any chance to check why they have done this? Because amity is ugc approved.
  2. Even same case for me so i asked amuty to send the ugc recognition letter to wes but my courier dint reach yet but I dont have a hope that they will consider it. As i have send so many mails to them by sending the url of amity university recognition but they reply me that indian degrees are evaluated by AICTE and ur university us nit recognised. I dont know what to do?
  3. But as far as i know, universities don't require AICTE they need only UGC recognition.
    Did amity send ugc recognition letter themselves or you have sent it on your behalf? Please let me know so that i can also ask them for this. Lets try just in case WES approve it.
  4. I called amity and told them that WES dint recognise amity so they told me that they will courier a recognition letter to wes but it is a huge task of getting that letter as amity sent that letter after following from them almost 20 days.
    Which year u enrollled for distance learning?

    I dont think so that by sending that letter wes will revise the report as in forum everbody is hving the same issue.
    So the last option left is other agency like iqas which takes more tym
  5. i am from 2010-12 batch. And yes IQAS takes abt 5months which is very long. But what if they also not consider Amity?
    I think Amity should look into this matter seriously.
    Which batch you are from?
  6. Iam also from 2010 -12 batch. U first call to amity university and inform ur case.
  7. Finally, what is ur planning to do?do u again apply through iqas?

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