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WES - Secondary school diploma and diploma (two years) meaning in Canadian edu.

Discussion in 'Education' started by nikindia, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Thanks a lot! That was very helpful. Could you also let me know how long does it take to get a PNP certificate or nomination? Since I am looking to add points in EE, doing whatever is available.
  2. That's WAY too general a question. Could be weeks, could be months, or could be never. You can try posting this question in the PNP section of the forum however you'll need to be a great deal more specific about which exact program you're applying through, your points, your qualifications, etc.
  3. Hi There,

    Request few clarity please.

    Do I get a transcript for HSC higher secondary school from Maharashtra board?

    Is higher secondary school certificate equivalent to Canada high school diploma?

    Does WES do ECA for HSC certificate from Maharashtra?

    Thanks in advance.
  4. Yes it is the same thing. Do you have further education? University or college? There is no point in getting secondary school assessed because you need further education to qualify for PR.
  5. Hello, and thank you for your feedback.
    How about one going on a work visa permit initially and then applying for PR, even in such a case higher education will be mandatory? Is it helpful if the spouse is a degree holder, does then getting PR possible?
  6. Depends on your situation. Canada favours high skilled immigration. Have you secured a job with LMIA? Most employers are reluctant to pursue LMIA because the time and expense. If a consultant is promising you a job in exchange for payment please be careful there are many scams out there.
  7. Yes it's not a consultant, it's a organization thru which a job is secured.
  8. Have you done diploma in engineering from an autonomous institute? Your input would be appreciated.

  9. same here...any updates??
  10. Have you done diploma in engineering from an auto nomous institute? Please share ypur wes evaluation in case u got.
  11. Nope..I haven't done it from autonomous college.
  12. Guys I have similar kind of question but somewhat different.
    My wife did two years bacholar then two years Master which is according to Pakistan eshct system.
    When we'd evalhtedr it it said overall equvalancee equal to bacholar 4 years degree. Wes combined the above mentioned two degrees to make it equal to canadiCa bacholar.
    Now question is what should I write in express entry profile.
    Should I add both 2 years bacholar and 2 year master in two separate rows?
    Or shot I enter just one credentialduratiocr of 4 years in one row.
  13. hello im Zakir my profile is
    Xth 76.55%
    XII 56.15 (1 year gap)
    DIPLOMA in civil engineering (80%, 2 year course, 3 backlogs)
    B.E 7.66 cgpa (8 backlogs)
    is there any chance for me to get a student visa
    I was looking forward to study project management course in Fanshawe college
    do I stand a chance to obtain a study visa
  14. Please may someone help me with, which option among the two should I select on the EE application:

    Indian education: 3 years Diploma (10+3)
    WES Canadian Equivalency: Secondary school diploma and diploma (two years)
    EE Options: Secondary Diploma (High School Graduation) OR 2 year program at a university college, trade or technical school.

    Many Thanks in advance!

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