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WES ECA for UK Top Up Degrees, HND, BCS (HEQ) and UK MBA

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by prashanfernando, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Hello members. Creating this thread to discuss and clarify concerns with regards to WES ECA for the following:
    • Pearson BTEC HNC/HND (QCF Level 5/ Level 4)
    • UK Top Up Degrees (Level 6 120 Credits)
    • BCS (HEQ) qualifications (including BCS Dip/PGD Project)
    • MBA/ Masters Degrees completed in UK or partner universities (Level 7)
    Hope this would be useful!!!!
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  2. Hello,my question is about credentials evaluation. As a Pharmacist graduate,which is the right body to evaluate my credentials. Is it ECA or WES?
  3. I recommend going with WES as they have a fast turnaround. ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) is the document you receive from WES. WES is an authorized body which evaluates your ECA.
    Make sure to fill in all information as accurately as possible.
    Hope this helps!!!
  4. Hi Buddy, hope my text finds you in good shape over there. It was really helpful and need 1 more thing. I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration from Bangladesh (120 credit hours program).
    Now studying CIMA(U.K degree). CIMA has 3 level: Cert. in Business Accounting: Level 4 in QCF. Diploma in Accounting: QCF: 5, CIMA: QCF: 6
    My questions are following:

    -Cert. in Business Accounting: Level 4 in QCF will be which level in WES/IQAS/ICAS
    -My current Bachelor of Business Administration from Bangladesh (120 credit hours program) will be which level in WES/IQAS/ICAS
  5. Your certificate in Business accounting should be evaluated as certificate program by WES
    In order to give an idea about your Bachelor's I need to know the time period of study and the institution. Hope this helps!!!
  6. I started in September 2011 and completed my Bachelor in December 2015. So in total 4 years and 3 months. My Certificate was issued on 2016's April 2016
    2.What about CIMA's Cert. in Business Accounting: Level 4 in QCF. It'll receive which level of Educational equivalency in WES/IQAS/ICAS and also for Level 5 in QCF. Please advise buddy
  7. Dear All,

    I am based in Dubai and Currently enrolled for OTHM Level 7 (PG Diploma), I will be continuing my MBA top up and obtain (120+60) credits for my MBA later. I want to check whether this MBA (Level 7 PG diploma+Mba top up) will be accepted or evaluated by WES as Master Degree in Canada.
    My MBA top up will be from one of the university listed in WES database.
    I will really appreciate your reply and kind advices........

  8. All QCF Level 4 quals will be accepted by WES as 1 year course of study
    Level 5 will be accepted as a 2 year diploma
    Likewise your Bachelor's Degree will be evaluated as a 4 years Canadian Bachelor's degree.
    All this depends on the authenticity and credit value of transcripts provided.
  9. Based on the transcripts and prior credits to your top up degree your MBA will be evaluated as a Masters Degree by WES. Both PG Diploma and MBA certificates/transcripts will need to be handed over to WES in order to assess. Hope this helps!!!
  10. so what will they equate level 6 extended 120 credit diploma to? the UK says it is equivalent to a degree so what will WES say
  11. Lots of posts on this forum about foreign trained pharmacists but you also need your degree evaluated by PEBC.
  12. May I know the course details. Theoretically according to the UK framework all level 6 qualifications are regarded as year 3 study of an undergraduate course. So if you have claimed a total of 360 credits over the course of three years, WES will evaluate your credential as a 4 year Canadian Bachelor's Degree.
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    Hi prashanfernando
    I have a question about my case. I have graduated from University of Greenwich after 1 year followed top-up programme (120 credits - level 5:60 credits - level 6: 60 credits). I have one concered about my Bachelor's degree, Should WES consider my degree as 3 years or just 1 year ?
    Thank you!
  14. Hi Kency,
    If you provide your prior learning transcripts such as your Higher National Diploma/ Advanced Diploma as well as your bachelors degree documents WES should evaluate your Bachelor's Degree as equivalent to a 4 years Canadian Bachelor's Degree.

    In my case I did a Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND (240 Credits: 2 years) and a 1 year Top Up Degree of 120 credits (University of Sunderland). I provided both BTEC and University of Sunderland documents. My BTEC HND turned out as equivalent to a two years diploma and my top up degree was evaluated as a four year Canadian Bachelor's Degree.

    Hope this helps!!!
  15. It's mean you send both 2 certificates to WES, I have one concerned could WES recognize and evaluate my diploma from institute (NIIT)

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