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WES ECA for UK Top Up Degrees, HND, BCS (HEQ) and UK MBA

Discussion in 'General - All Canadian Immigration' started by prashanfernando, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Hello members. Creating this thread to discuss and clarify concerns with regards to WES ECA for the following:
    • Pearson BTEC HNC/HND (QCF Level 5/ Level 4)
    • UK Top Up Degrees (Level 6 120 Credits)
    • BCS (HEQ) qualifications (including BCS Dip/PGD Project)
    • MBA/ Masters Degrees completed in UK or partner universities (Level 7)
    Hope this would be useful!!!!
  2. Hello,my question is about credentials evaluation. As a Pharmacist graduate,which is the right body to evaluate my credentials. Is it ECA or WES?
  3. I recommend going with WES as they have a fast turnaround. ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) is the document you receive from WES. WES is an authorized body which evaluates your ECA.
    Make sure to fill in all information as accurately as possible.
    Hope this helps!!!

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