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WES Applicants from Pakistan April 2019

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by mohd.hassann, Apr 23, 2019.

  1. Hi man, do keep us updated on whether your PGD CS was evaluated by WES or not. I had heard that for it to count PGD needed to be done in any discipline other than CS. Not sure now after seeing your posts. I myself am a bachelor's in CS but need to do PGD to increase my CRS score.
  2. yes it was evaluated. I emailed them twice so they provided me with the ECA yesterday(31 July 2019) and also an email response that said sorry for inconvenience caused.
    I did 1 year PGD in cs from virtual and it got evaluated as 3 years PGD in Canada.
    my BS was in telecom(4 years)
    now my report says 3 years diploma and 4 years degree.
    good luck to us all
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  3. That's awesome! Do you have any idea whether the PGD in CS would be evaluated similarly for someone who has done Bachelor's in CS? I am very confused about this issue because someone suggested to me that I would have to do PGD in some other discipline for it to count.
  4. u will not get admission in PGD CS as your BS is in CS. VU will restrict that. i don't think WES will have any objection but VU will have
  5. Go for marketing, its easy.
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  6. Dear Hasan & Saqib brother,

    I was reading these threads for quite a long time. Thanks for the feedback about the PG Diploma program WES evaluation.

    Can you please give me your opinion for the below points.

    1. I have already done ECA for my Telecom engineering degree from Wes in May 21, 2014. I was awarded 4 years of Bachelors Canadian Equivalency. Is there any validity time for this evaluation by WES like 5 years or 10? Do i have to re-evaluate it?

    2. For WES Evaluation of PGD diploma in marketing from VU did you send your Bachelors degree together with PGD diploma or no need only Diploma is enough?

    3. For express entry profile are you able to claim total 150 points as the following break down
    Bachelors 4 years = 120 Points PGD 1 Year = 30 Points?

    Appreciate your kind response.
  7. 1. WES report is valid for 5 years... I think ur 5 years have already been up. you have to contact WES about your case. maybe they may have some fee to extend the period or not... I am not sure.

    2. if your wes report is valid and not expired, then you need to upgrade it and you will only need to send PGD documents envelop as they already have your other docs. but in your case I am not sure, you will have to contact them and ask possibilities if you profile is already expired.

    3. I am not sure about break down but I got 33 points for my PGD and went from 413 to 446 CRS
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  8. Dear Saqib,

    Thanks for your prompt response. i wish you good luck for the next draw.

    2. My WES Profile is valid and i just ordered a duplicate report and they reproduced the same ECA with new date August 26, 2019. Nothing is mentioned on the report itself that its valid for another 5 years or not.
    How i can check it?

    3. How many points you got for your telecom engineering bachelors? 120 or 117?

    Do you guys have Whats app group for such a discussion. Kindly add me also 00966537109809.

  9. thank you
    I think you should confirm from wes about the validity date, whatever I say about it, it won't be authentic enough as WES. I am not sure how to check validity.
    i think 120... but not sure as I created my profile quite a long time ago.
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  10. Hey guys,

    Can someone please enlighten the process to get vu pgd evaluated by wes?

    1. Just got my results for VU today, and qualified with good cgpa. How long did it take for you folks to get the transcropt and degree?

    2. When you have the diploma and transcript, do you need to get it re-verified from VU first before getting it attested from HEC? (since i have observed that this is often required to verify degrees from controller of exams before hec does their work)

    3. How long did the WES take to evaluate the PGD after receipt??

    Thanks alot for help in advance.
  11. 1. 2 weeks
    2. No
    3. 70-75 days
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  12. Bundle of Thanks Hassan Bhai.
  13. Dear Saqib528 Thank you brother.
    i need your help kindly let me know do WES recognize distant learning of PGD? I just enrolled in Virtual university for this fall session for PGD in marketing management as i am currently in K.S.A so i am doing it online. Will WES recognize it or not?

    Thanks & Regards,
  14. Dear Asim,

    Since WES is already known to recognize VU PGD MM from previous posts on this forum. I do not think there should be any problem in youra case UNLESS Virtual University marks your degree/transcript as different than the ones done from VU from within Pakistan.

    This actually is dependent on VU to the best of my knowledge.

    Hope this helps you.
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  15. VU is virtual teaching method not distant learning, its recognized either you do it from within pak or outside pak.
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