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Weird situation for Vistor extension approval decision? Do I need to reapply?

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by dking317, Aug 6, 2018.

  1. I appplied vistor extenstion for my parents.
    • Their original status already expired on 2018-07
    • I got the medical check request today (2018-08)
    • Meanwhile, I got the approval letter (VR) saying they must leave Canada by 2018-10; However, i requested the extention to 2019-02
    • In the VR, it mentions they must complete the medical check
    I will take my parents to do the medical check but it is weird the final approval I got only grant the extention to 2018-10?? why this happend? just because the original status already expired, so my parents need the extra time to do the medical check.
    After the medical check are submitted, CIC will issue another approval letters for my requested date or I have to reapply???

  2. When did they come to Canada? How long have they been in country? Do they have a TRV or supervisa?
  3. If CIC feels like your parents have stayed in Canada for too long it is not unusual to not get the extension time you requested. I am guessing this is not their first extension. What seems to happen is you get a medical request automatically and then someone reviews your file and determines your extension. CIC was nice and allowed your parents up to October and not 30 days for them to leave.
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  4. thanks for your replying. yes, it is not the first time to apply for extension. last time, when we got the medical check request, the original status did not expire
    i hope you are right. otherwise, i guess I have to reapply visa extension or leave and come back
  5. They have TRV..came to Canada last year
  6. Based on the information you've provided, your parents have been approved to stay in Canada until October. You should not expect this will be extended. You also should not apply for another extension. They should leave Canada and then remain outside of Canada for a while (i.e. at least half a year) before trying to return. It sounds like they have been spending quite a bit of time in Canada and the fact the full extension wasn't granted is an indication they should leave in October and then not return for a while.
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  7. Agreed with the above. Applying for another extension will likely result in a refusal (in short order). This essentially is IRCC advising you politely that it’s time for your parents to go home. Once they return, they shouldn’t make an effort to return for a while or face rejection at the POE. Keep in mind, they are not allowed to live in Canada for extended periods. They are visitors.
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  8. thanks for replying.
    that is unlucky. my friend extended his parents for three times and got approval every time.
    anyway, i have to complete the medical check for them.
  9. Is it possible that CIC just give them temporary status while waiting for the medical check? after I submit the medical check result, they will re-issue a decision which meets my request date? because my parents current status already expired, they need a temporary approval to do the medical check.
  10. It looks like your parents have simply "run out of time". They have been provided with a generous "leave Canada by" period. It might be a wise idea to accept this and gracefully depart, for now.
  11. No. IRCC could have even asked them to leave in one week.

    You're being super optimistic. But it does not work this way.

    Think of it this way:
    IRCC could have flatly refused the extension and asked your parents to leave. No medicals required. No extended stay until October.

    Your parents' have stretched their visit a bit too far. And, IRCC believes it is time for them to return to their home country
  12. hmm...that make senses....now I just wonder whether it is worth to do the medical check. if they want my parent to leave anyway, maybe my parent should just leave and come back after some time, so we can save the time and money for medical check?
  13. The medical is required for the current extension until October. If the medical isn’t done, the extension is invalid and your parents will find they lost their status when the previous extension expired. You and they really don’t want to have a history of ignoring IRCC requests and overstaying beyond the extension date. That would probably result in them being refused entry and make future visa applications extremely difficult.

    Just get the medical done.
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  14. Agreed. Either have them to the medical or they should leave Canada.
  15. yes. will do.
    at the same time, i will apply super visa for them. if they get approval, maybe they do not have to leave the conuntry

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