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Want to move to BC, what do I do for healthcare until Permanent Resident Status begins?


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Jul 29, 2018
Adding to what Scylla stated, if you or your wife needs to see a Dr, go to a walk in clinic versus heading to emergency. If you are uninsured and present yourself to an emergency department, just walking in there will set you back around $800, which is probably cheaper then the States, but none the less, it is still $800 bucks. I remember heading to emergency when my appendix burst, and the young girl ahead of me, an international student, was asked for her health care card. She did not have one. Next up was the fee $800, and a major credit card would be needed prior to being seen. She had a cold, so heading to emergency was probably not the best thing to do, in this case, a walk in clinic would have been the better and cheaper option
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Jun 18, 2017
Unfortunately in many countries the emergency room operates like a walk-in clinic and you go there for minor aches and pains or colds. It is a hard habit to break and some Canadians are just as bad and head to the emergency room for things that don’t need an emergency room. Some people can’t deal with being sick or minor aches and pains. Not sure who would put themselves through hours in the ER if they could be at home. Ontario was trying to reduce the use of the ER for basic issues and making people go to their group practice after hours or Saturday morning clinics. Doctors now get a warning and then a financial penalty if you go to an ER or random walk-in clinic versus their own after hours clinic. Who knows what will happen now with the whole reorganization of healthcare in Ontario.

Going to a walk-in clinic is an option but any GP can technically see you if they have time.