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Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by Dhabaan, Jul 10, 2019.

  1. Hello folks,
    Do you think it is possible to walk-in into any nearby IRCC office for landing. In Ottawa it is being this way by walk-in! I am wondering if anyone has tried it here in TORONTO?


  2. I'm thinking of doing exactly this tomorrow ( i mean it is worth a shot). Anyone?
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    As far as I understand the process, you are required to make an actual landing appointment.

  4. Yes correct. I was wondering if there is a queue for people who have some sort of an "emergency".
    My case is a bit unique. I have a new job offer and i have to send them my SIN. But if i send them my current SIN, they will see that my work permit will expire in end of November. That might scare them a bit. So i'm hoping to get the new sin (after doing landing) to ensure that my offer doesnt get pulled just because my WP is expiring in 4 months time.
  5. Which IRCC office are you going? it worths to try
  6. Not an emergency. Did you not explain to the employer before they gave you the offer that you were on a work permit while waiting for PR?
  7. Etobicoke!
  8. No. No explanation was needed. I have never told any of my previous 4 employers that i'm on a work permit, as i've never been asked that upfront. It only gets brought up after you given them the SIN information (as the SIN makes it obvious that I'm on a WP and then they ask for the WP from me). The job didnt mention that you need a PR/ be a citizen.
  9. If you are a family applicant then i guess you will make it, please let us know. Best
  10. I am waiting my passport to come back from Ottawa, and will be give it it a try in Etobicoke...
  11. HI @asd1985
    I am wondering if you made it to Etobicoke? pls share. On the other hand, i am wondering how long it took your passports to come back from Ottawa since you sent them and your online application to be approved?

    Thank you..
  12. Hey, i got my PPR this morning. Can u please tell me what size envelopes we need to send to cic ottawa. We need 2 envelopes 1 to send and 1 for return?
  13. Go to your nearest Canada post and they will give you the proper envelops for both ways.
  14. I skipped the entire thing as i got the interview email the very next day. my appointment is on the 25th (1 week from today). :)
  15. Oh i see, so how long did it take the IRCC to respond to your appointment request email since you sent them and gave you the appointment? if it is short time then i can follow your steps!

    Thank you

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