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Waiting for PR Card 2019.......timeline, landing etc

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by smansuri97, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. Aug 16 application date
    26sep Aor
    24 april upfront med
    5 june med paas
    ghost 22 nov
    8th jan dm
    31st jan ppr
    31st jan passport sent
    4th psprt received by steve
    15th psprt back
    16 feb landing...

    exact 18 months

    Waiting for my first PR card..
    current processing time 41 days

    plz post ur timeline after landing or waiting for ur pr card.

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  2. How does it work if you travel to the US between landing and receiving the pr card? Can you do so both by air our land? Are there any restrictions?
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  3. may be u have to apply for visa... once u land they will give u a paper and will have all the instructions on it.
  4. Aug 11th application date
    22th Sep AOR
    MR June 26th

    ghost nov 19th
    11th jan DM
    31st jan PPR
    1st feb passport copies sent
    4th copies reached Ottawa
    7th COPR
    15th feb landing...
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  5. Can you guys post what questions were asked at the landing and whole experience? It will be helpful for us
  6. Did they take your biometrics when you did landing at the border?
  7. They didn't do any biometrics.
    They asked us to confirm the address
  8. anybody here experience to have landing interview at ircc edmonton? pls share some inputs. thanks
  9. Landed today at Emerson border!! :)
    Congrats to all in this group for becoming canadian permanent residents!!
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  10. congratulations to u :)
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  11. Thank you!!
  12. Congrats! I'll be landing in Emerson too, do they have any specific dates/times for it?

  13. Thank you. They are open everday and 24 hours, so you can go anytime.
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  14. Thank you!
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  15. Do we need Extra PR photos while landing @ircc office (on top of the 2 you already sent with your passport)?
    Is anyone know or have landing experience recently?

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