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waiting for PPR step 2

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sam pk, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. yupp
    Saskatchewan is home to nearly 970,000 people. Over 35 percent of these residents live in rural areas, and nearly half the population lives in its two largest cities, Saskatoon and Regina. Saskatchewan is hoping to increase their steady population growth through immigration.
  2. ASAD

    YOUR Uncle will help us na ? what you say i know your uncle as same good as same like you
  3. yes yes he will man. dnt you worry
  4. what you thing asad next week will be the happiest week of our life
  5. next week will be full of PPR2
  6. Wah ji wah. Good luck to all of us. :)
    Asad will your uncle help me ad well ;)
  7. By the grace of Allah i got MY PPR 2 thanks to almighty Allah, and thanks Asad for hopping me every day
  8. Its a gud news.......... congratulation.
    Dozen wishes for you sam................
    Asad, pray for us as well so we can get our ppr222222...........................
  9. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! :)
  10. Oh is Asad a baba ji ?? baba ji please pray for me too :)
  11. Asad baba ji is also waiting for his ppr222 ::)
  12. Oh then we should pray for each other
  13. bohat bohat mobark ho sampak ab hamari bari ha or kaya kaya manga ha p p r 2 main pls tell us

  14. Congratulations.
  15. :) :) :) :) many congratss Dear Sam pk....
    sabii--- yes we should pray for each other....
    Asad ---is really a Baba jiiii :) my best chap.thanks to this forum which provide such friends :)
    Rama1 ---- in sha Allah this week or next we all will be having our PPR2

    finger crossed and praying for success in future :)

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